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A quick update on the Deke the Deuce charity drive

I started the Deke the Deuce campaign, a charity drive linked to the disease Neurofibromatosis Type II (NF2 for short) with proceeds going toward the non-profit organization Advocure NF2, back on February 10th when I marked my 12th anniversary blogging about the Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL and hockey in general. I disclosed back then that I suffer from the rare disease and the birth of my Bolts blogging came at a time when I was rehabilitating after having major back surgery way back when.

One thing that I did not disclose at the time of the campaign start is the drive's goal: $12,016. It's a cutesy hybrid of the year and the anniversary factor. It also came by way of knowing how hockey rises for good causes.  This is where things get awkward as we're nowhere near the goal. As of this writing there have been 15 total donations with $475 raised total, a small percentage of the sought after total.

The original plan was to run Deke the Deuce for only six weeks or so - from the 12th anniversary date until Raw Charge's own blog-birthday in mid-March. Deke the Deuce will be staying open for a longer term.

NF2 can and does dull physical senses and the nerves, hampering mobility, hearing, vision, balance, touch... It can be found in 1 in 25,000 people; a rare but hobbling genetic based disorder. Shedding light on the disease as well as finding a way to stave off or outright top NF2 is what this is hoping to accomplish.

If you can't contribute, please consider at least spreading the charity page around on social media; broadening the reach of the campaign is one means of helping.