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Quick Strikes for Tuesday, April 19

Reflections on game 3 (and a cry for less penalties), reflections on Jon Cooper's past too. Playoff shenanigans, NHL rule change musings and AHL playoff action too! It's your morning reading for game-day Tuesday!

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Good morning! You hungry? Go get your nom-nom-nom on and add a little team pride to it at Dunkin Doughnuts in downtown Tampa. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Bawk-bawk-bawk!!! (Brian Boyle's motion toward Red Wings Justin Abdelkader.) [Tampa Tribune]
  • From the other side of the line - 10 takeaways from Game 3 from a Red Wings writer perspective. [Wings Nation]
  • Objection, your honor! Die hard and devote, informed fans already knew Jon Cooper was a lawyer before getting into coaching hockey. Eh, it looks like I've been overruled by the Associated Press and USA Today. [USA Today (Corrected Link)]
  • Speaking of head coach Cooper, he'd like the Bolts to abate from all the penalties. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Steve Yzerman is beloved in Detroit and settled into his role with the Tampa Bay lightning. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • The Deke the Deuce campaign has only reach 4% of its lofty goal. Help in the game against Neurofibromatosis Type II. [Go Fund Me]
  • Time is fading fast on the Syracuse Crunch season-ending auction. Game worn jerseys and more can be bid on. [Syracuse Crunch]
  • It's not like you haven't already seen plenty of rhetoric from the Toronto area about it but... Well, the case to sign Steven Stamkos. A deep look at stats and more. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Also on repeat: Le Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge and wondering if the club can afford Stamkos. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • It's lovely when you see fans paying respect toward an opposing team's player. You will not see an example of that when it comes to a Flyers fan and the Washington Capitals Braden Holtby. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]
  • There's something awfully familiar about how the New York Islanders series with the Florida Panthers is playing out. They did something just like it last season. [Islanders Insider]
  • Receiving credit for helping turn game 3 around for the Isles? Their video coach. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • A season review/recap for the Vancouver Canucks. [Canucks Corner]
  • More NHL video review? This having to do with off sides... (autoplay video warning) [Sportsnet]
  • ...And a case against the concept being proposed because of the hypocritical/contradictive element of it: For a league that craves more scoring, this would slow it down. [Puck Daddy]
  • The AHL is gearing up to enter playoff-state now too. Here's recapping the Rockford IceHogs of the past regular season and previewing the Hogs upcoming series with the Lake Erie Monsters. [The Committed Indian]
  • Twenty questions aimed at the Toronto Marlies. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • The Binghamton Senators floundered all season. It's no surprise that Monday saw the Senators announce that head coach Luke Richardson will be leaving. [The 6th Sens]
  • "Who made my (hockey) clothes?" [Hockey in Society]