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We've got a few days before the Tampa Bay Lightning start the 2nd round of the 2016 NHL Playoffs, and knowing there are many out there reading the site (hi, how are you?) and several participating in comments on site articles... Well, it's probably a sound time to try a little socializing among us.

If you're a site staff member, a game thread regular, a normal-comments regular, a site lurker, or even staff from other SB Nation hockey blogs (or other Lightning blogs in general)... Well, stop and say hi. You won't be beholden to participate beyond this thread but perhaps a good bit of communique could lead you to want to participate again. Who knows.

What's your real first name, where you living? How long have you been a member of the site? If you're another team fan firstly, which club? Are there any interesting things we should know about you? What are the last four digits to your social security number? Who is your favorite player on the Lightning roster at current? How about all-time? Who's your favorite writer covering the Lightning? Covering hockey?

C'mon, lets talk. We might even have some fun with it. images.0.png

Trillian Smiley

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