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Introducing "The Bolts", our latest Tampa Bay Lightning inspired t-shirt

"'You'll be The Bolts, with a tee,' said a man, in type, online. And that we was..."

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Can parody be seen as celebration? You love the Tampa Bay Lightning and also have a fondness for music, including one of the most potent and influential rock and roll / popular music artists of the 20th century. How about blending the two identities together? Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Let me officially introduce you to the newest shirt available in our collection of custom-designed apparel at the Raw Chare Store...  Ladies and gentlemen, here they are... The Bolts!!!

The Bolts! Gameday Depot
The Bolts - Beatles/Lightning parody

Utilizing a typeface that mimics what the Beatles used in their logo, The Bolts seems like a fitting send-up for the commonly used nickname for the Lightning. Admit it: When the Lightning are performing t their top capacity, it's like music to your ears. (At this point you likely Insert negative reaction to the effort from game 3 here... Then follow it up with realization there have been positive times in team play through the existence of the club.)

To compliment blending the Beatles and Lightning, a list of 12 albums by the "group" is tacked below the logo including With the Bolts, A Hockey Rink's Night, Cap'n Andy's Stanley Winning Band, and Channelside Drive. It remains to be seen if we could figure out a music track listing for each individual album on the shirt. I do encourage you to use comments below if you come up with some ideas.

The shirt can be had on a grey or plain white t-shirt and is available along with our other fare at the Raw Charge Store, hosted and printed by our friends at Gameday Depot. The guys at the Depot had a hand in helping me finalize this design, and in general they do a fantastic job with custom print shirts and / hoodies.