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Quick Strikes for Tuesday, June 14

Coaching changes, goalie speculation, and Steven Stamkos speculation... Your morning reads for Tuesday.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
  • Feats, accolades, history... It's goalie Ben Bishop and the story of his numbers for 2015-16. [Tampa Bay Lightning]
  • News site Today's Slapshot has been conducting an ongoing series about the top 100 prospects in the National Hockey League at the moment. Monday presented a smattering of the top 10 (10 thru 6) and here is where Vasy Cometh once more; the Russian netminder is remarked high. [Today's Slapshot]
  • With thanks to the expansion draft, though, it would appear one netminder is due to get moved via trade: Only 1 goalkeeper can be protected in the draft. [The Hockey News]
  • The traditional/non-traditional market title means jack when you get to this point in the playoffs. Even so, you can't even try to suggest Tampa Bay is a non-traditional or outright non-hockey market:
  • Your latest "could we / might we try to sign Steven Stamkos?" speculative piece. This comes by way of the Dallas Stars! [Defending Big D]
  • The entire 2016 NHL Entry Draft order as it stands at the moment -€” seven rounds of selections and all 30 teams... Subject to change by way of transactions. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • One of the league's prominent play-by-play voices, Dave Strader of the Dallas Stars, has been diagnosed with cancer. [Defending Big D]
  • Former Lightning defenseman Mark Barberio is sticking around in the land of the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge, signing a new two-year contract. [All Habs]
  • It might be Ken Hitchcock's last season as head coach of the St. Louis Blues, but it is now also officially a prep season for Mike Yeo as his replacement. Yeo, who was nixed as Minnesota Wild head coach, was signed as an assistant and will take over the head coaching role in 2017-18. [St. Louis Game Time]
  • It's one thing to be a blogger covering a would-be market that's long overdue for a professional sport. It's another thing to be one featured on national TV for coverage of said city... Kudos and props to SinBin.Vegas (I prefer the straight name used in brackets, thanks). [The Sin Bin]
  • Finally, on a site-note, it's been a very long while since we promoted the terms of use / comment guidelines for the site (and in some ways, I'd think conduct sort of represents that not many have seen these). Take a few minutes to read the posting guidelines. [Raw Charge]