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NHL Mock Draft 2016: Tampa Bay Lightning trades up in the 1st round to 20th overall

Raw Charge is please to announce a trade...

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, the SBNation hockey blogs get together and have a mock draft with the writing staffs getting together and acting as General Manager for their team. As the representative for the Tampa Bay Lightning and Raw Charge I got to work negotiating with the other teams to see if there was a trade to be had at the right price and for the right player.

Initially, I attempted to move into the first half of the draft, but was ultimately rebuffed and could not reach an agreement with any other team. Going further down the list, I arrived at the Arizona Coyotes who had the 20th overall pick. While they had their eye on a particular player, that player did not fall to them. Seizing the opportunity, the accepted an offer to move down in the 1st round with their second pick.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have traded their 1st round pick, 27th overall and a 2nd round pick, 58th overall to the Arizona Coyotes for the 20th overall pick in the 1st round of the SBNation 2016 Mock Draft.

Seeing a player that I could not pass up available with the 20th pick and having an extra 2nd round pick from the Brett Connolly trade, I simply could not pass on the opportunity to move up and get the player that I wanted. Stay tuned as the announcement of that pick will come shortly.