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Quick Strikes for Saturday, June 18

The Lightning prep for the draft and the now, new coaches in the NHL continue to show up, why did NHL playoff ratings suck so bad? Oh, and time is running out on the Creative Loafing nomination period...

Mike Carlson/Getty Images
  • While the 2016 NHL draft is a week away and focus around the National Hockey League will be on the future (for the most part), Erik Erlendsson writes that focus on the present is on the agenda for the Tampa Bay Lightning. [Lightning Shout]
  • Should the Tampa Bay Lightning buy out Valtteri Filppula? I don't think that avenue is necessary (other avenues of transaction work) but the idea of moving Filp is a conversation itself. [The Hopeful Chase]
  • Largely off-subject but largely applicable for Tampa Bay residents, the nomination period off the 2016 Creative Loafing Tampa "Best of the Bay" awards is closing fast... Get your nominations in on the plethora of subjects covered. [Creative Loafing Tampa]
  • The math and the man (one Mister Steven Stamkos) and the money; introducing the Stamkos Earnings Calculator. [Winging it in Motown]
  • The TV ratings for the 2016 NHL playoffs sucked. Bad. Why, though? I still would like to point to the broadcast network and place some blame there but it's a broader story than such. [Puck Daddy]
  • In St. Louis, Missouri, ratings fell down and went boom after the Blues fell from the Western Conference Finals. [St. Louis Today]
  • This isn't quite celebrating winning the Stanley Cup: Daniel Sprong is out until next winter with thanks to surgery on his shoulder. [Pensburgh]
  • The Calgary Flames have a new head coach in the form of Glen Gulutzan... [Matchsticks and Gasoline]
  • Who? A little information about Glen Gulutzan. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]
  • NHL expansion is in the air and going to an overdue-for-pro-sports market like Las Vegas is... Not as accepted as it should be. In fact, the animosity (to put it nice) is notable. [The Sin Bin]
  • Yet some do accept it just fine and dandy -€” it'll be a novelty to start but it's a big potential gain for the league! [Canucks Army]
  • The future of Pavel Datsyuk -€” does he stay in North America and with the Detroit Red Wings? Does he get traded? Does he sign in the KHL? -€” is forth coming very soon. [Detroit Free Press]
  • It's SB Nation site news but there's someone new in charge at Anaheim Calling. Say hello to the new boss... [Anaheim Calling]
  • Just to recap -€” your candidates for the 2015-16 NHL awards. [Springing Malik]
  • While it's the open contra t buyout window, suggesting the Minnesota Wild buy out Thomas Vanek seems a bit of a reach (that's my opinion, while the write-up makes a case for it). [Today's Slapshot]