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Shut the door, there's a Draft; 2016 NHL ENtry Draft open thread

What is in store for Tampa Bay? Acquisitions? Stand pat? Trade down? Let's ind out and hang out.

Jen Fuller/Getty Images

Day One:

Where:First Niagra Center, New York | When: 7 PM EDT
Radio: ? | Television: NBC Sports Net
Full Draft CoverageSB Nation NHL

Day Two:

When: Saturday, June 25 (ongoing)  Television: NHL Network

The 1st round of the 2016 NHL entry draft has arrived, running tonight with rounds 2 through 7 set for tomorrow. The Tampa Bay Lightning is slated to pick 27th overall tonight, but that's not an iron-clad position: The club could trade up or trade down. In fact, draft or no draft, Lightning chatter and rumor is at high note at the moment.

Draft talk, transaction chatter or just socializing is upon us in the comments of this thread. You can also find a live-stream of Twitter stream with major NHL media sources talking about the draft, transactions and other league coverage playing out at the moment.

While we're at it, here's the ongoing coverage of the Tampa Bay Lightning at the moment: