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Quick Strikes for Sunday, June 26

Ah, the draft ended! Someone must have closed the door.. But the breeze created a few stories that are part of your morning reads....

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
  • While we have our own draft recap from yesterday, I do want to point over to the crème de la crème of Lightning prospect sites and suggest those looking off more reads on the 2016 NHL Draft selections head over to Bolt Prospects to read their various articles on each player taken. [Bolt Prospects]
  • Banter about Ben Bishop was part of the ballyhoo that was in Buffalo on Friday. Here's a general recap of rumors and such. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Yet an important question that comes from Friday's chatter: Has Big Ben played his final game with the Tampa Bay Lightning? [Lightning Shout]
  • There's a pending unrestricted free agent and former 1st round draft pick on the Lightning roster... And there's another pending UFA who is a year away from such a status. What is Victor Hedman's agent's take regarding the future of #77? [Tampa Bay Times]
  • From the AHL perspective, Lindsay Kramer touches on the trade of Anthony DeAngelo that removes him from the Crunch without the mystery of why this time. []


  • It's not perfect but it's an annual rite of passage here on the site that only gets so much exposure: The Lined-Up Update which tracks the roster (and the organization to a degree) with player acquisitions and departures. [Raw Charge]
  • 2,100+ user accounts "Like" Raw Charge on Facebook. How about you? [Facebook]
  • Not everyone is a Facebook user. Some actually use the social media network that Google has up and running. If you're a Lightning fan on Google Plus, you may want to include us in your circles. [Google +]

We resume our regularly schedule Quick Strikes, already in progress...

  • The formal end of the contract year is less than a week away now and one Mister Steven Stamkos can now be talked to by teams interested in his services. Oh, and they are... they are... [Tampa Bay Times]
  • ...and one NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks, may have screwed up that process. They're already accused of tampering with P.K. Subban, but Stamkos is another... [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Back to the NHL draft, one notable item of technology that is vital on draft day: Landline phones. The heat of the moment and pressure on the posse gives weight to the elder, traditional technology. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Austen Matthews: #1 overall selection and non-traditional market product. [The Sin Bin]
  • Not only did an American go #1 overall in the 2016 NHL draft, but a total of 12 Americans were selected in the 1st round of the draft, setting a record. [Today's Slapshot]
  • There were a number of transactions tied to the draft (like usual; it's a tradition!) Players dealt and selections swapped and what not. We link you over to Lyle Richardson's rundown on the movement from the draft. [Spector's Hockey]
  • Perhaps he was partying while paying attention to results for the draft today? Whatever, Ray Borque has reportedly been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. [The Big Bad Blog]
  • It has more anarchy than the NHL draft; the pending NHL expansion draft due next year is not a made-for-TV thing... [The Sin Bin]