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For hockey readers and bloggers, a noteworthy place on Reddit

Feature write-ups and reading can get lost on /r/hockey, so the subreddit devoted to hockey writers and the reads they offer is worth participating in.

The subreddit that is supposed to help promote writing and feature content reads on Reddit for hockey bloggers.
Reddit (Screenshot)

Reddit’s got a very active hockey community, be they on the main subreddit /r/hockey or on the individual team sites. There’s plenty of community antics that rank Reddit as a marquee message board. It also can be a great content promotion place, though the busyness of the top-level hockey subreddit and the community-first message board habit of /r/nhl can often focus so heavily on news and multimedia and less so on submitted hockey articles / columns. That makes Reddit’s major subgroups a reach for blog content to gain eyeballs all too easily.

Yet there is a subreddit that seems aimed at promoting feature writing and blog posts over news and multimedia, it’s aimed for that in title too: /r/HockeyWriters.

Do you like writing about hockey? Wish there was a place to promote your blog/articles and receive feedback? Enjoy critiquing other writers' work? Is your cat making too much noise all the time?

r/hockeywriters is a sub for people who love to write about hockey and wish for a means to display their work. Have a hockey blog? Wrote an article? Feel free to post a link to your latest work here! There's no shame in promoting your own work. People are encouraged to comment on and critique submissions. We're trying to be a friendly and helpful community, so while offering an honest critique is the best way to help people out, don't be a dick.

Please submit only posts that have to do with hockey writing, whether it be your own article, a self post asking for writing tips/general writing discussion, or even someone else's piece about hockey writing. Don't post links from, that's what r/hockey is for.

There are some rules on content submissions, but the lack of subscribers (only 82 follow the subreddit as of this writing) sort of makes them moot due to lack of submissions as well as how rarely someone posts.

That’s part of the reason I’m writing this: to promote it among those who are Reddit members, hockey fans and hockey bloggers.

Mind you, while the group applauds blog-based content in general, I’d think it’s better to be more than just an amateur’s news reporting on day-to-day stuff. That coverage works against the entire idea of what the subreddit is supposed to be doing: Showing a writers abilities. This Reddit group seems more fitting for fleshed out takes on aspects of the team/league/sport and not day-of-game coverage or news-coverage that some sites adhere to in their content.

One thing that’d be helpful would be boosting the subscriber count of the subreddit, but the more vital reason for a subscriber count increase would be more content from a wider range of sources covering so many aspects of the game. If you’re a blog writer who wants to get your voice heard, if you’re a major site writer who wants to gain attention and reaction to one of your pieces, /r/HockeyWriters is a place to consider sharing your wok. If you like to read content and not just react to headlines a-la too many on other subreddit areas, if you’d like to read people’s takes on multiple aspects of the sport, consider giving the category a subscription.