Open discussion: The Raw Charge custom t-shirt store at Gameday Depot

I've brought this up in Quick Strikes a few times the past few days as a discussion point for comments after the piece. The response hasn't been much (or at all) to the request for opinions. It's not like there aren't many/any who read Quick Strikes...

So let me ask it here: What's your favorite Raw Charge Store shirt design? Do you own it or plan to buy it? What shirts in the store confuse you / you don't know the history behind them? Is there a design you outright dislike? Why?

With how wide readership is and site participation, with how popular the Tampa Bay Lightning is right now, there's really no shown interest in what we offer in the store. It's an ongoing thing that's lasted for quite some time.

I'm contemplating taking down shirts and trying to figure out what to replace them with -€” if at all. Your input would be helpful. I know it's the dead of summer, but I know many of you still access the site for what not. Just leave a comment and a thought and perhaps participate in conversation with others and myself regarding the RC Store.


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