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Quick Strikes for Sunday, August 28

Victor Hedman gets praised in an aspect of his play, Las Vegas may take one of three versions of a Knightly name, plus a few more reads for Sunday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Bolts

  • In a piece ranking the ten best 2-way defensemen in the NHL, the Tampa Bay Lightning's Victor Hedman earns himself his own high ranking... [Bleacher Report]
  • A trio of questions brought along by the fact that Nikita Kucherov remains unsigned at this point. [Lightning Shout]
  • From earlier this week: The Bolts announced Fan Fest plans and their training camp schedule. [Fox Sports]


  • The Edmonton Oilers signed college free agent defensemen Matthew Benning. Benning was drafted in 2012 by the Boston Bruins. [The Oilers Rig]
  • It's nothing surprising or unexpected, but Taylor Hall has faith in the New Jersey Devils young talent. []
  • I'm admittedly partial on this: While it's a piece about the Leafs and the Habs among other things, it's the "other things" that drew my attention. "Other things" being a recount of attending a Beatles concert in 1966 at Maple Leaf Gardens. [Dennis Kane]
  • What to expect from Eric Staal this season with the Minnesota Wild: If things fall the right way, expect a formidable top-6 in Minneapolis/St. Paul. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • The Las Vegas expansion team are, to play the naming-rights habit, Knight Riders... They're playing with three variations of names with "Knights" tied to them. [The Sin Bin]
  • And while they're at it, The Sin Bin has a post of jersey and logo concept art for the Knights team variations. You can find it [here].

The Sport

  • Several were involved in alcohol theft in Manitoba, including a suspect dressed in full goalie attire. Roberto Luongo let the authorities know that he was not involved. [TSN]
  • The next Winter Olympic games are in South Korea in 2018. It's also no guaranteed event for the NHL to allow its players to participate in. [CBS Sports]