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CrunchCast 27: Syracuse Crunch still searching for consistency

Brandon and Alex discuss all that is good and questionable in Crunch Land.

Former Syracuse Crunch defenseman Matt Taormina is the one of the big topics of discussion in this episode of the CrunchCast. Is your interest peaked yet?
Photo by Scott Thomas

Hello again, everyone! Life has managed to get in the way of our podcast over the course of the past month or so, but we are back! Hosts Brandon Curtis and Alex Ackerman return in typical Brandon and Alex fashion by jumping from topic to topic while covering all things good and bad in Crunch land. In this episode:

  • This was recorded right before all the transactions, of course. But you can read about them here.
  • Disconnection from the team is at an all time high
  • The departure of Matt Taormina is starting to really sting
  • Who’s playing well and who isn’t?
  • Power play celebration
  • Much more!