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91 days of Stamkos: Day 33, looking the part

Stamkos dresses for the job he has while he makes Tampa proud internationally.


Steven Stamkos is one dapper man. He’s well known for his perfectly fitted suits, some of which veer into three-piece territory. And ever since he was a rookie, he’s been relied upon to represent Tampa Bay on an international stage.

Stamkos’s fashion sense was famously complimented at the 2015 All-Star Game, where journalist Kathryn Tappen pointed out that his shoes and Tyler Seguin’s matched. "We just planned to be the best-dressed guys here, and it started with our shoes," Seguin quipped in reply. Watch the moment here at the 30 minute mark:

Stamkos’s style is not just renown in hockey circles. He’s made the pages of magazines such as Vanity Fair to show off his looks, famously wearing a sweater that helped to inspire the hilarious and wonderful Tumblr, “Hey Girl. I’m Steven Stamkos.” (Props to our fellow Bolts blogger Alexis Boucher for starting this one!)

Now that he’s a fashion veteran, it’s Stamkos’s turn to subject new rookies to the intense scrutiny of their game-day garb in well-heeled hockey culture. Just recently, he helped to gently tease Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner when they entered the rink in matching fedoras.

Here are a few of our favorite Stamkos-in-a-suit looks, taken from his many appearances at NHL All-Star Games, NHL Awards shows, and other media availability. Watch his style evolve from rookie to red-carpet vet!