Fan post: Jodi's Puck Ponderings

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I often think about the Lightning and hockey in general. I decided I would start making a list of my thoughts and share them, and maybe some readers would have some comments or answers. Here are my thoughts for today.

  • Brian Boyle’s presence in front of the net reminds me of Cup-winning captain Dave Andreychuk, so therefore I have nicknamed Boyle "Boylechuk" (pronounced Boy-la-chuk). I also visualize this nickname on the blue T-shirts sold at Amalie Arena.
  • Those who say they don’t like watching hockey on TV should give it another chance. I’ve realized a lot of these folks are talking about watching hockey prior to large TV screens and high definition. Seeing it on a large high-definition screen makes a huge difference.
  • People who discuss violence and fighting as an obstacle to their enjoyment of hockey could give the modern game another look. The Slap Shot days are over. Most hockey players seem to be some of the nicest, respectful human beings both on and off the ice.
  • Speaking of fighting, Thunderbug did a Jerry Springer show video clip in 2000, a far cry from the current family-friendly Thunderbug. He had a female sidekick mascot and I believe her name was Lady Bug. I can’t imagine a Vinik-era Thunderbug in a Jerry Springer clip where Ladybug and a woman fight over him, but it is funny. It is still on YouTube.

  • I asked for, and Santa brought me, a yoga mat with a Lightning logo on it. My question to you is: am I allowed to stand or lay my head on the logo? The players do not step on the Lightning logo in the locker room. It is at one end, so I have been staying off of it. You know, just in case…
  • Remember the marketing campaign, Seen Stamkos?, when Steven was drafted in 2008? It seems very appropriate right now. The only time we’ve seen him in months is when Marty’s jersey was retired. Sigh. [You should follow our 91 days of Stamkos series, then! - Acha]

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