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NHL and Adidas debut new Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys

We take a quick look at some league reactions to the sweaters and what the new Bolts jersey looks like.

Tampa Bay Lightning Adidas Jersey

The league announced last year that Adidas would be replacing Reebok as the jersey supplier and official outfitter of the NHL. We saw first glimpses of what the designs might look like when Adidas supplied the 2016 Hockey World Cup with uniforms. Fast forward to the brink of the expansion draft and we finally get a look at what Adidas is doing with the NHL sweaters.

Lightning reporter Casey Chelios was in Las Vegas on the scene:

In typical NHL fashion, the new Adidas jerseys were leaked to the public a few hours before their official announcement.

Most notable is the foregoing of the laces as well as a lower of the crest.

Here’s a look at all 31 new jerseys.

One of the less noticeable but I think important alterations are the collars. Obvious in the image below, but they all together look less “V”-like and wider and rounder (and sometimes lacking the laces).

Also, everything looks more streamlined and less bulky. That easily may be just the renderings, but Adidas has discussed their ideas behind new jersey technology and threading.

And of course we have some more favorable reviews such as the Avs bringing back the classics.

And some not so favorable reviews...

Also leaked are the 2017 NHL Draft hats. Adidas seems to be taking the traditional lines of the actual sweaters and applying them to the caps.

So, what do you think? Do you like it?