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Draft day thread: Come talk Tampa Bay Lightning with us (and snark about other teams)

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Trust the Yzerplan.

2013 NHL Draft

Draft Day Open Thread

Round 1 of the 2017 NHL Entry Draft is tonight, Friday, June 23, and Rounds 2-7 are tomorrow, Saturday, June 24, at Chicago’s United Center. Drafting begins (if the NHL starts on time) at 7 PM Eastern on Friday, and 10 AM Eastern on Saturday. It will be shown on NBCSN and livestreamed on NBC Sports Live.

JustinG will be on the scene, so watch our Raw Charge Facebook page for some Facebook Live action at United Center. He’ll also be livetweeting @rawcharge.

Here are Tampa Bay Lightning’s current picks:

Round 1:

Pick 14

Round 2:

Pick 48 acquired from Toronto for Brian Boyle

Round 3:

Pick 76

Round 6:

Pick 169

Pick 180 acquired from Montréal for Nikita Nesterov

Round 7:

Pick 200

If you want to see the complete order of picks in every single draft round, our writer El Seldo has it over here: [Pension Plan Puppets]

Here’s an updated draft order for the first round:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Dallas
  4. Colorado
  5. Vancouver
  6. Vegas
  7. New York Rangers (from Arizona)
  8. Buffalo
  9. Detroit
  10. Florida
  11. Los Angeles
  12. Carolina
  13. Vegas (from Winnipeg)
  14. Tampa Bay
  15. Vegas (from New York Islanders)
  16. Calgary
  17. Toronto
  18. Boston
  19. San Jose
  20. St. Louis
  21. NY Rangers
  22. Edmonton
  23. Arizona (from Minnesota)
  24. Winnipeg (from Columbus via Vegas)
  25. Montreal
  26. Chicago
  27. St. Louis (from Washington)
  28. Ottawa
  29. Dallas (from Anaheim)
  30. Nashville
  31. Pittsburgh


Let’s talk about this.