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Lightning re-sign forward Tye McGinn

The forward was the last of Tampa Bay’s RFAs needing to be re-signed.

Scott Thomas

Although Tampa Bay Lightning fans have been resting easy for about a month now, knowing that their RFAs were locked up tight for the foreseeable future, Syracuse Crunch fans have been waiting patiently (or not) for one final shoe to drop. 27-year-old forward Tye McGinn, qualified by the organization at the end of June, still hadn’t been officially re-signed. That all changed this evening, when news was announced that McGinn had been re-signed by the Tampa Bay Lightning to a one-year, two-way contract.

McGinn will be entering his third season with the Lightning organization, and Crunch fans are practically salivating for a full healthy season from the forward after watching him work his tail off during the playoffs. Fans were optimistic about what McGinn was going to do for the Crunch this past season after his 44-point 2015-16, but fate dealt the fan base and the team a heavy blow when McGinn was sidelined by a shoulder injury after just two games into the regular season.

McGinn returned to the Crunch’s roster in March, and finished his shortened season with 19 points in 21 total games. He also returned in enough time to take a staring role in the Crunch’s most popular lip sync to date:

During the playoffs, McGinn totaled 5 goals and 11 assists in the Crunch’s 22 post-season games. His game-winning goal during the second overtime period of Syracuse’s game 2 vs. St. John’s in the North Division semifinals will most certainly go down in Crunch history:

McGinn was a huge part of the team’s calm demeanor and lack of panic when things appeared to be going sideways, and was often credited by those he played with for his hard work. McGinn is probably slated for a large part in Syracuse’s leadership group, which will be desperately needed with such a young projected roster.