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Steven Stamkos - The All-Star Years

Watch Stamkos represent the Lightning throughout the years.

2016 Honda NHL All-Star Skill Competition - AMP Energy NHL Hardest Shot Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Please note: This was originally posted last season as part of the 91 Days of Stamkos series. We were going to write up a new article about Stamkos’ All-Star career, but figured Waffleboarsave did such a great job we would just re-run it in it’s original glory).

Let’s take a trip down memory lane of Stamkos as an All-Star throughout his career.

2009 in Montreal

Stamkos was selected as an “NHL YoungStar” back when the NHL was desperately trying to change things up and make it interesting. Whether they’ve succeeded or not is a personal opinion. Anyway, rookie Stammer went to Montreal to sit at the kids table, and Martin St. Louis represented the big kids.

This year isn’t officially in the record books for Stamkos as an All-Star but he still participated.

Watch a condensed version of the skills competition. Starting at the 1:30 mark, both St. Louis and Stamkos try to show off their moves in the breakaway challenge.

2011 in Raleigh, North Carolina

The NHL revamped the All-Star process by letting players participate in a fantasy draft to select their team. Team Lidstrom had St. Louis, and so unsurprisingly, with their first pick, they selected Stamkos. Cam Ward, the hometown guy, went first overall.

Watch Stamkos take part in the hardest shot competition.

2012 in Ottawa

The NHL again went with the fantasy draft format. Stamkos landed on Team Alfredsson, the hometown team. During the skills competition, Stamkos leaves Jim Hughson pretty much speechless with his spinorama.

In the actual game, Stamkos was awarded a penalty shot.

Team Chara won 12-9 and Marian Gaborik was named MVP.

2015 in Columbus

It’s the fantasy draft that won’t go away... I mean what? Watch the entire broadcast as Stamkos again finds himself on the hometown team after being selected by Team Foligno.

And once again, watch Stamkos wind up for the hardest shot.

The game had no shortage of goals, setting a record for most goals at the All-Star Game with 29. Stamkos had two of them. Watch all the goals below.

Team Toews beat Team Foglino 17-12 and Ryan Johansen was named MVP.

2016 in Nashville

Since the league decided there apparently weren’t enough goals in the 2015 All-Star Game, they scrapped the 5-on-5 format — including the fantasy draft — and went with the 3-on-3 format they started forcing on us in the regular season. Both Stamkos and Ben Bishop got the call to represent the Lightning.

You shouldn’t be surprised that Stamkos gave it another go in the hardest shot competition. Watch below.

You can also see him in the relay:

And in the shootout challenge. Don’t miss the nice moment in the beginning that he shares with PK Subban and Jaromir Jagr, and John Tavares tries to join in.

The Atlantic Division lost in the final game at the All-Star Game, and John Scott got his MVP.

If that’s not enough All-Star Stamkos for you, check out our photo gallery below!