Rev Ty and Paul Driscoll's Rental Skates Podcast

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Why hello there!

If you aren't familiar with me, I am Pastor Tyler Moore, the guy behind all those Lightning-themed church signs ( Well, I also do a Lightning podcast called Rental Skates. I haven't ever posted anything about it here because I didn't want to step on the toes of the official Raw Charge podcast, but since it doesn't appear there are any new episodes of that one, NOW IS MY CHANCE TO SHAMELESSLY PLUG AWAY!

[Ed. note: Matt and Diandra are doing videos before home games now!]

We've actually done 21 episodes so far, so feel free to go back and give them all a listen, though they are obviously geared towards the time at which they were recorded.

S2, E9: "Ranting and Rolling" is LIVE!

@PDriscollTBT & @TheRevTy talk about the #GoBolts ability to handle injuries, holiday food suggestions, and things get PRETTY tense when discussing the NHL review system.


Let us know what you think! Thanks!


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