"Practice? We're Talking About Practice!" - Allen Iverson

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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." -Aristotle

"Practice is for the coaches and games are for the players." - Brian Engblom

One of the cool things to do as a fan is to attend a practice or training camp. They are a chance for fans to get a rare insight into the fundamentals that build the team system and structure or the reinforcement of good game habits. Think of it as getting to see your favorite players in their own habitat!

It’s an insider view, a live look-in an intimate setting instead of the big stage of the game performance where players are geared to be on display.

And then you get to see some of the areas they want to improve on come to fruition in games. I distinctly remember watching Kucherov practice one-timers from his usual power play spot during training camp.

Yesterday I attended practice at the Mercury Insurance Tyler Johnson bobblehead distribution event. Remember the commercial?

"You can’t win it. You can’t buy it. And you can’t get it anywhere else!" - Tyler Johnson

After practice, Brian Engblom addressed the fans and discussed the various drills, what they focused on, and discussed the stretches of time when they were away and couldn’t fit in practices. He talked about how the coaches use competition to make it fun because the players are competitive by nature. He said the team is close-knit, which was telling during practice when the players cheered during a good play. And he fielded questions and expanded into other areas in addition to practice.

We took our picture with a life-sized Tyler Johnson bobblehead (insert a Palat short joke aimed at Johnny here) and had photos taken with Brian.

It was a fun event and the nice thing is that, like training camp, anyone can attend, so a fan does not have to be a season ticket member.

Because, evidently, you can’t buy it and you can’t win it...

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