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Paralympic sled hockey schedule for PyeongChang 2018

How to watch sled hockey at the Paralympics. Declan Farmer tries for a repeat of Paralympic Gold!

Olympic Preview:  Team USA WinterFest 100 Day Countdown Porter Binks-USA TODAY Sports

The PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games are here. The para ice hockey portion starts on Saturday, March 10, and runs for seven days, with the Bronze and Gold matches on Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17, respectively. For a preview of Team USA, and Tampa Bay’s own Declan Farmer’s attempt to repeat his Gold Medal, we wrote it up over here!

How to watch Paralympic Sled Hockey

Country Network Stream
Country Network Stream
Canada CBC (Eng)
Canada CBC (Fr)

The organizers worked with the time difference between the US and Korea as best they could, but note that most of the viewing times are either late for us (10 PM) or early (2 AM, 6 AM).

The full Paralympic schedule is here.

Paralympic Sled Hockey Schedule 2018

Game Date (EST) Match Time (EST)
Game Date (EST) Match Time (EST)
1 Friday, March 9 NOR vs. ITA 10:00 PM
2 Saturday, March 10 KOR vs. JPN 1:30 AM
3 Saturday, March 10 CAN vs. SWE 5:00 AM
4 Saturday, March 10 USA vs. JPN 10:00 PM
5 Sunday, March 11 KOR vs. CZE 1:30 AM
6 Sunday, March 11 CAN vs. ITA 5:00 AM
7 Sunday, March 11 USA vs. CZE 10:00 PM
8 Monday, March 12 CAN vs. NOR 1:30 AM
9 Monday, March 12 ITA vs. SWE 5:00 AM
10 Monday, March 12 USA vs. KOR 10:00 PM
11 Tuesday, March 13 NOR vs. SWE 1:30 AM
12 Tuesday, March 13 CZE vs. JPN 5:00 AM
13 Wednesday, March 14 [Playoffs 1] 3rd (A) vs. 4th (B) 2:00 AM
14 Wednesday, March 14 [Playoffs 2] 3rd (B) vs. 4th (A) 6:00 AM
15 Wednesday, March 14 [Semifinals 1] 1st (A) vs. 2nd (B) 10:00 PM
16 Thursday, March 15 [Semifinals 2] 1st (B) vs. 2nd (A) 6:00 AM
17 Friday, March 16 Loser [Playoffs 1] vs. loser [Playoffs 2] 2:00 AM
18 Friday, March 16 Winner [Playoffs 1] vs. Winner [Playoffs 2] 6:00 AM
Bronze 19 Friday, March 16 Loser [Semifinal 1] vs. Loser [Semifinal 2] 10:00 PM
Gold 20 Saturday, March 17 Winner [Semi 1] vs. Winner [Semi 2] 10:00 PM

If you want to get further pumped, here are highlights from the semifinal match between the US and Canada from Sochi.