Achariya says farewell to managing Raw Charge

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to end as I began here at Raw Charge, with a Fanpost. It's been a great two years as Managing Editor. I've learned a ton and enjoyed every second, and now I'm scaling back my commitments on this second job so that I can spend more time with my family.

Things I will always remember: The Frozen Four, Invictus (and everything SBNation let me do for Adaptive Games), the NHL Draft, this one time I got to interview Lexi Brown, this other time Wysh asked me to write an A-Z of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Also notable: my yearly piece about how you can wear whatever away jersey you want to playoffs, yes, even you.

I notice that all of my clips are ancient, and that's because I've spent most of my past two years organizing coverage and editing other people's work to help build Raw Charge into the self-sustaining machine that it is today.

We've always covered the AHL and NHL clubs with recaps and analysis; we've added junior hockey and ECHL, translations from Russian and Czech, and statistics. Pretty great, but none of it is my work -- the staff does the heavy lifting, and it's been ridiculously nice to be part of the room and encourage people to write what they love.

Thanks to all the readers for supporting us here at Raw Charge. The interim editor (to be announced tomorrow) is most excellent, and you'll be in good hands.

Where can you find me next? Um, here, on and off, and over at Pension Plan Puppets, and now I'll be free to write for that Adaptive Games tag as hard as I can. (Also, I have a side project about movies.)

Many thanks to my staff who put up with the old lady in charge, past and present, and for always making me look good. You guys are my family, so you better write, and don't forget to come home for the holidays.

From John Fontana's strong foundation I feel that we've built a site with a clear and interesting voice, and I know that it's only going to get better.

I'm honestly so fucking proud of this site and everything that we've built here.

And as always, GO BOLTS.

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