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Quick Strikes: Lightning’s Killorn goes golfing!

Plus: The Crunch are starting to come together as a team.

NHL: Florida Panthers at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Lightning

-Most hockey players play golf, but Alex Killorn is a bit more dedicated than some.

-Captain Steven Stamkos is the Tampa General Hospital Player of the Week!

-Tampa announced their thirds schedule yesterday:

-Joe Smith went through the Lightning’s circuit workout in what I’m sure is an entertaining article.

-Lightning prospect Sammy Walker continues to make headlines, as do other future Bolts:

-Do you know a Lightning fan that could use a boost this October?

The Crunch

-Syracuse forward Alex Barré-Boulet and head coach Ben Groulx were pleased with Syracuse’s effort in Cleveland this past weekend.

-Defenseman Cal Foote has his head in the right place going into his second professional season.

-Although change is paramount in the AHL, one thing will be back to normal this season for Crunch fans: the team’s beloved banners, displaced during the Onondaga County War Memorial’s facelift two summers ago, are back where they belong. Syracuse will add another this Saturday, with the 2018-19 North Division Champions banner waiting to be raised.

-Those that fall in the middle section of a Venn Diagram with Dunkin drinkers and Crunch fans will want to listen up:

The Solar Bears

-Tracey checked in with her first update of the regular season on the ECHL affiliate of the Lightning organization yesterday. Unfortunately, the Orlando Solar Bears aren’t off to a sparkling start.

(Spencer) Martin finished with 31 saves on 35 shots in his first ever ECHL start. Cody Donaghey and three others had one assist each. The Solar Bears were outshot 35-22, and finished 1 for 2 on the power play.

The Game

-The National Women’s Hockey League is embroiled in a controversial season, one that leaves a lot of questions in the minds of those playing for it.

And, like a lot players, the veteran forward had to think long and hard this off-season about her decision to continue playing in the league she’s been part of since Day 1. It meant passing on the #ForTheGame movement chosen by many of her former teammates and current friends. It meant going against the popular grain and playing in the league that Coyne Schofield and Hilary Knight and other national team stars say doesn’t provide adequate salaries or have a viable business model that’ll lead to a strong future. “You think, ‘Oh, am I crossing the picket line?’” Buie says, forehead scrunched, hugging one knee on her chair. “Am I a scab?”

-The roster for the New York Rangers’ alumni classic has been announced:

-The Rangers’ Lias Andersson is facing a big season, but what he can do with it might be out of his control.

Through the first three games of the year, the 7th overall pick of the 2017 Draft has averaged 6:33 TOI/GP at 5-on-5 and, interestingly enough, over two minutes of ice time on the penalty kill. To add a bit of context here, Andersson averaged 9:56 TOI/GP at 5-on-5 and 0:39 SH TOI/GP in 42 games last season. Again, we need to stress that this is just a three-game sample size, but it’s interesting to see if this are patterns in ice time are just a result of a bizarre schedule or if Andersson will be steered towards developing into a shutdown, penalty-killing center.

-Normally I staunchly avoid any news submitted to me about the Detroit Red Wings organization due to sheer pettiness, but I also have a heart, so...we sincerely wish Jimmy Devellano a speedy recovery.

-It isn’t Halloween quite yet, but if you’re looking for a costume idea, we might have one for you thanks to Cesare Maniago.