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Syracuse Speaks: A Raw Charge podcast - episode 16

Alex nominates Cameron Gaunce as her Player of the Month for November and discusses the two conflicting sides of the Crunch.

Syracuse Crunch Cameron Gaunce (24) before a face-off against the Cleveland Monsters in American Hockey League (AHL) action at the War Memorial Arena in Syracuse, New York on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Syracuse won 4-2.
Scott Thomas Photography

Welcome back to Syracuse Speaks! This podcast, hosted by Alex Ackerman, aims to bring more voices to the world of minor league hockey.

In this episode, host Alex Ackerman discusses the odd case of the Syracuse Crunch, a team that can seem incredibly discombobulated and, dare we say it, almost mad at each other one game and then much more coherent and confident the next. Inconsistencies abound, but a few players are managing to make extreamly positive impressions despite that, including defenseman Cameron Gaunce. Alex names Gaunce her Player of the Month and speaks to the great season he’s having so far. She also gives a general view of the North Division and where the Crunch is currently slotting in.

As always, please leave any questions, comments, or feedback for her here or on Twitter!