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Lightning Round: What do you think of the NHL coach’s code of conduct?

Also, Nikita Kucherov might just be back vs. the Senators.

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Diana Nearhos wrote about the Tampa Bay Lightning org’s reaction to the NHL’s new code of conduct for coaches. Stamkos’s quotes in her article are interesting:

“I kind of came up in the older-school way,” he said. “In sports, it’s always been accepted, in terms of coaches finding different tactical ways to motivate guys, whether it’s yelling or profanity. That was just kind of accepted in sports. If you did that in an office job, you’d be gone the next day. It’s a different mentality. We need to continue to grow with the times. [....] I think now that it’s come to light we can start to hear some of the stories and just try to be better. I think we’re on the right track.”

Although Stamkos acknowledges that his history with the sport has included a variety of ways to communicate with coaches, he recognizes the necessity of changing with the times.

The NHL is...creakily...changing with the times. At the Board of Governor’s meeting, the league introduced four changes going forward, presented in PowerPoint bullets. Via the Dallas News:

● Teams will be required to immediately report any incidents of inappropriate behavior by club personnel that has been brought to their attention.

● Swift and severe punishment for those involved in any future or past incidents that are brought to the NHL’s attention.

● A mandatory annual counseling program that all NHL coaches, assistant coaches, minor league coaches, general managers and assistant general managers must attend. The program, which will be created by professionals in the field outside of the NHL, will focus on consciousness-raising, education and training on diversity and inclusion.

● The formation of a disciplinary counsel that will be run under the direction of NHL executive vice-president Kim Davis.

Is this enough? Will the mandatory annual counseling program really be able to change deep-seated attitudes from the older generations of coaches? Will the disciplinary counsel be fair and effective? What kind of punishments are likely to be meted out, and will they be along the lines of the ones mandated for other kinds of slurs? I have a lot of questions, but I will join Stamkos in thinking that at least the league is heading in the right direction.

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