The Wakandan National Hockey Team Pt. 2: The Revenge of Killmonger!!!

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*Scene opens. Queen Ramonda, mother of T’Challa and Shuri sits pensively in the throne room.*

Shuri - "Mother, pray tell why your face is so downtrodden"

Queen Ramonda

Queen Ramonda

Queen Ramonda - "Zhuri, you know exactly why my heart weighs so heavily."

Shuri - "Killmonger’s challenge?"

Queen Ramonda - "Yes…ever since King T’Challa disappeared last year, Killmonger has had designs on reclaiming the throne. But this is low...even for him. Challenging the Wakandan National Hockey team in a winner take all match for the right to be king?!?!?"

The Evil Hockey Captain Killmonger

Shuri - "Yes, the hockey team has brought great pride to the people of Wakanda. They have represented us well on the international stage with their powerful play and graceful social presence."

Queen Ramonda - "And who does this interloper have to represent him?!? He has no home or no honor to defend….so he stooped even lower than a resting rhino by…."

Shuri - "….by parterning with Thanos to recruit the most vile hockey team ever assembled. "

Queen Ramonda - "The Syracuse Bulldogs from the movie Slapshot. Players from the adult version of the Icelandic hockey team from Mighty Ducks 2…."


All of the hair gel

Shuri - "As well as genetically enhanced versions of NHL goons like Tie Domi....also the head coach of the 1980 Russian men’s national team…."

Queen Ramonda - "….he’s even recruited members of the Jabari tribe to represent his team, including the proud warrior-king M’Baku."

Shuri - "To top it all off, Killmonger himself will even be suited up as the captain of the team, and with the help of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet, he will be nearly unstoppable! It will be the most unbeatable team of all-time."

Queen Ramonda - "And to make things worse, the players from the previous version of the team are all but unavailable due to their current restrictions on playing in international tournaments!"

Shuri - "Oh Mother!!! Whatever shall we do?!?!?"

*An abrupt and loud cough emerges from the other side of the room*

Mysterious Figure: "Ahem……I couldn’t help but overhear your predicament…and might have a suggestion to help out"

Queen Ramonda - "Who dares to eavesdrop on the Queen?!? Show yourself!"

*Bucky Barnes emerges from the shadows*


Shuri - "Colonizer! I told you not to scare me like that"

Bucky - "Sorry! But as you know, I am the Winter Soldier. So hockey is sort of like my thing. We did it a lot to pass the time in my previous life."

Queen Ramonda - "So what do you propose, White Wolf?"

Bucky - "Well, when I came here broken both physically and mentally, Zhuri nursed me back to health using vibranium and other Wakandan technologies. She transferred the consciousness of my old life into my new body and now, I feel better than I’ve felt in decades"

Shuri - "Hmmm….."

Bucky - "So maybe we can do the same here. We can find the peak versions of the best black players ever, and transfer their consciousness to the bodies of Wakandan soldiers. They have the physical attributes to compete, but will benefit from the infusion of hockey skill!"

*Shuri types furiously*


*logs onto*

Shuri - "Yes, yes!!!! I have a whole database on the peak versions of every NHL player since 2008! It's just crazy enough to work! I can even attempt to replicate legends and stars of past eras. It will be more of an art than a science at that point but let’s get started with a list of the players from my Shuri-Bot!"

Line 1 - The Natural Born Leaders Line

Jarome Igninla - T'Challa (RIP?) - Dirk Graham

SHURI-BOT: A gold medalist, perennial MVP candidate and sure-fire Hall of Famer, Igilnla was one of the most talented stars in the dead puck era. He also came within a single game of being the first black captain to ever lead his team to the Stanley Cup, a feat nearly accomplished by his linemate and defensive stalwart Dirk Graham (also check that mustache!).

It also seems your brother uploaded a version of himself into the database (with inflated stats of course) but his wish is unlikely to be fulfilled anytime soon.

Shuri: *sniffles*




Bucky: Wait are these scouting reports developed?

Shuri: Geez, you're even worse than my brother.....anyways, go read about it here:

First Pairing

P.K Subban - Dustin By...

Okoye: WAIT!

Shuri: What is it

Okoye: If Wakanda is under attack from Killmonger, I demand I be included in its defense!

Bucky: Wait.....what?

Okoye: Are you saying a woman cannot play to the level of men?!?

Bucky: No, of course not....

Okoye: Good! The women of the Dora Milaje have defended the crown for centuries, and we have no plans on stopping now. I may not be fleet of foot but I figure a hockey stick can't be any more difficult to use than a spear. As for the rest of the Dora Milaje....Shuri are there any other women we can use?

Shuri: Yes, there are several amazing ones currently playing based on my research. Shuri-Bot.....cue up our defense!

SHURI-BOT: Uh.....ok....I guess. The first pairing is Norris Trophy Winner P.K. Subban and.....Okoye. The second pairing will consist of the fearsome and versatile Dustin Byfuglien and top women's league pick Blake Bolden. And last but not least, the athletic and talented pairing of Seth Jones and Sarah Nurse.






Queen Ramonda: Wow.....that's truly an amazing group. I'm almost jealous. Anyways....Shuri-Bot, who will serve as the minders to protect the net of the people?

SHURI-BOT: While I was unable to provide a scouting report as goaltending makes no logical sense, we were able to conjure up the fiery talents of Stanley Cup winner Ray Emery, and the first Black Hall of Famer, Grant Fuhr, who helped lead his Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cups in the 80's.



Shuri: Time runs short....Killmonger will be here any minute. Please hurry, Shuri-Bot!

Line 3 - Tony McKegny - Wayne Simmonds - Anson Carter

SHURI-BOT: Yes....for our checking line we have the talented and scrappy trio of Carter, McKegny and Simmonds. Simmonds still continues to play and succeed at a high level, while Carter was an underrated player in his heyday with a bit of scoring pop. However, his scoring prowess pales in comparison to McKegny, who lit up nets in the 80's including a 40 goal season in 1989.




Shuri: This team looks extremely talented.....but the fight against Killmonger will require much more than talent to succeed. There is something missing.....

SHURI-BOT: Ah.....after combing through my algorithms, I think I have found the missing ingredient to success in this battle: Resilience. Introducing our scoring line....

The Pioneers Line

Herb Carnegie - Angela James - Willie O'Ree

SHURI-BOT: Starting with Carnegie, who was a scoring star in the '40s and one of the most talented players in the world outside of the NHL at that time. Like everyone else on this line, he endured countless bouts of racism and even supposedly had to turn down an offer to play in the NHL due to being lowballed on his salary.

Angela James has often been called the first superstar of Women's Hockey, and was a versatile scorer who could play both offense and defense. Her contributions to the the women's game led her to be among the first women ever inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

And last but not least, we have our captain, the incomparable Willie O'Ree. His relatively modest on-ice contributions tell only part of the story of his excellence. Willie has worked tirelessly over recent decades to promote diversity within hockey and is a key mentor to many black hockey players even today. After a long and arduous campaign driven by friends and supporters he has impacted, he was finally elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame last year.

Altogether, based on my calculations, this trio will draw on their experience to provide the guidance and mental fortitude needed to push through any deficit or obstacle put forth by Killmonger and guarantee a victory for the people of Wakanda.




Queen Ramonda: Bucky, are you crying?

Bucky: *wipes away tear* was just so beautiful man.


*Queen Ramonda rolls eyes*

Shuri: Well, it is settled then....let us rally the troops and show Killmonger what we're made of!



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