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Syracuse Speaks: a Raw Charge podcast - episode two

Host Alex Ackerman says goodbye to Crunch goaltending and video coach Karl Goehring and also addresses potential sticky spots for the Lightning (and how those spots could affect Syracuse).

Syracuse Crunch v Hamilton Bulldogs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Welcome back to Syracuse Speaks! This podcast, hosted by Alex Ackerman, aims to bring more voices to the world of minor league hockey.

This week, Alex starts off by recapping last week’s episode and addressing the departure of Jonne Tammela from the organization. She says a heartfelt goodbye to Crunch goaltending and video coach Karl Goehring, as reports say he is headed back to the University of North Dakota. Alex also addresses the Tampa Bay Lightning’s pending summer off season, and ponders how their moves could affect Syracuse.

Articles and people referenced in this episode:

Thanks for listening! As always, please leave any comments or questions, and Alex will address them here or in the next episode.