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Quick Strikes: Syracuse is looking for a few new assistant coaches


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Canada v Denmark: Group A - 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Slovakia Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

The Lightning

-The Tampa Bay Lightning did NOT top Sean McIndoe’s 2019 playoff disappointment index. Who did? Well, you’re probably going to need a subscription to The Athletic to find out, but I’ve heard the article’s main picture is a big clue...

If your team didn’t make the playoffs at all, then there’s a chance you’ve already checked out. It can be refreshingly stress-free to watch the postseason without having a horse in the race, but not many of us want to hang around outside and stare into the window of a party we weren’t invited to. If you’ve spent the last six weeks ignoring the playoffs and just reloading Corey Pronman’s page instead, nobody could blame you.

And if you did have a team in the playoffs, you’re still furious over how they went out. I don’t even need to know what team you cheer for – I know that you think the refereeing was stacked against you, quite possibly on the direct orders of Gary Bettman, and that the team that beat you are unworthy.

-Can Worlds help Anthony Cirelli just like it helped Brayden Point? Joe Smith thinks so, in a paywalled article from The Athletic.

Point, 23, said that tournament was an eye-opening and confidence-building experience for him. It served as a springboard for seasons in which he scored 32 goals and then 41, putting him in line for a sizable extension this summer as a restricted free agent.

Anthony Cirelli might be the latest Lightning forward to get that kind of boost.

-Here’s a similar article about Cirelli that is not pay-walled!

“Anytime you get a chance to represent your country it’s a special experience,” Cirelli said. “We had a good group that got better as the tournament went on.”

-Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of SBNation’s NHL First Round Mock Draft? Look no further than this entry!

This year, the Lightning pick 27th, which is toward the end of the first round. The NHL’s draft order is based primarily on regular season performance and because the Bolts had such a good regular season, they entered the playoffs unable to pick any higher than 27th.

Each day, we’ll update this post with the new selections made on that day. The first two picks in this year’s draft are pretty much locked in, even if the order is still up for debate. But after that, things will get interesting.

The Crunch

-Syracuse said goodbye to goaltending and video coach Karl Goehring yesterday. Their loss is, of course, the University of North Dakota’s gain, and in this revealing article, Brad Elliott Schlossman outlines how Goehring went from goalie coach to hockey coach:

”I really got to know how he’s really expanded his coaching career and roles through his two years with Tampa and Syracuse and a bunch of things he did,” Berry said. “He’s become a well-rounded coach. It’s not that he wasn’t before, but it was pretty evident that his experience has led him to expand his role. He really showed me that he gained experience through the staff in Tampa and coaches like Jon Cooper and Benoit Groulx.”

After the interview, Berry knew that Goehring wasn’t a just a goalie coach. He was a hockey coach.

-In other Crunch coaching news, their assistant head coach, Ken Klee, is also moving on. Woof, indeed.

Tampa Bay general manager Julien BriseBois said on Wednesday that Crunch assistant coach Ken Klee will not be returning in 2019-20. BriseBois said Klee still wants to coach and is exploring other opportunities.

Here’s hoping Ben Groulx doesn’t get that NHL job many have pinned him for this summer. (knock on wood)

-One of these things is not like the others...

The Others

-Harnarayan Singh has turned into a self-made hero for those longing for more representation:

Hockey Night In Canada: Punjabi Edition was on the air for eight years before “Bonino Bonino Bonino,” and in 2019 it’s still going strong. Depending on the measure, Punjabi is the third- or fourth- most spoken language in Canada, so it makes sense that a dedicated hockey broadcast would exist in that language. But it wouldn’t exist at all if Singh didn’t pay for his own flights from Calgary to Toronto for years to keep the dream alive. The show has had an undeniably positive impact on the Punjabi community in Canada, helping immigrants connect with their new countrymen—or even their own Canada-born kids—through the most quintessentially Canadian sport.

-How has the Buffalo Sabres tank gone? Well... (pay-walled)

It’s been six years since the Sabres unveiled their plan to win by losing. The plan … hasn’t gone as planned.

Or has it?

Over the next 3,700 words, we will determine whether Buffalo’s much-debated blueprint has failed or succeeded.

-Ottawa has re-signed goaltender Anders Nilsson to a two-year contract.

-Cole Caufield should not be underestimated, writes Corey Pronman. (Pay-walled)

-John Madden is out in AHL Cleveland:

But, for him, all hope may not be lost:

-Mike McKenna gave an insider’s look at what makes certain organizations special to professional hockey players on his Twitter yesterday, and it was interesting to read:

-I don’t really know what to do with this, but it’s been making the rounds, so...