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Quick Strikes: Lightning re-sign Braydon Coburn for two years

The contract is worth $1.7 million AAV.

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Tampa Bay Lightning v Columbus Blue Jackets - Game Three Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Lightning

-Yesterday, the Tampa Bay Lightning announced that they had re-signed defenseman Braydon Coburn for two years. In our coverage of the re-signing, Geo pointed out that contract, which is worth $1.7 million AAV, was a good value.

Known more for his stay at home defensive style, Coburn had one of his best offensive seasons in years in 2018-19 with four goals and 19 assists for 23 points in 74 games. It was his first time scoring over 20 points since he had 24 points during the 2011-12 season. He has two other seasons where he scored more with 36 points and 28 points in 2007-08 and 2008-09 respectively.

-Coburn and his family took to the Lightning’s twitter to express their pleasure at the new contract.

-Some took a humorous view of the re-signing...

...But with $11,240,837 in off-season cap space, the Lighting might be laughing all the way to the bank.

-Speaking of that cap space, fans hoping for a big reversal of the Lightning’s plan with that money may just end up being disappointed. (pay-walled)

And so, when Julien BriseBois met the media just a few days after his 62-win team got swept by the No. 8-seeded Columbus Blue Jackets in April, one couldn’t help but wonder if enough time had passed to fully grasp what this stunning development meant moving forward.

At the time, the Lightning GM said he wouldn’t blow up his roster despite the shocking loss.

Some eight weeks later, with much more time to collect his thoughts, he feels the same way.

-Lightning forward Alex Killorn had a lot of nice things to say about teammate Nikita Kucherov recently:

“Even when he first started playing with us, I didn’t even know if he was going to stick. But once we saw him play, we saw his skill set and how hard he worked from the first minute he got here. He’s one of those guys that just loves skill work and stays out late on the ice at practice. I’m sure everyone would say that about anybody that’s up for the Lindsay, but it’s true. He works so hard and that’s something he’s been doing right from the start. That’s why he’s where he’s at now. It’s pretty great stuff.”

-Meanwhile, in Vegas for the NHL Awards: It’s Jon Cooper, Andrei Vasilevskiy, and Victor Hedman!

-As the draft approaches this week, our profile of potential Lightning targets continue. Yesterday, Alan wrote about forward Bobby Brink.

He’s one of many players in the first round who has an intriguing skill set but at least one major flaw. And among all those players, the gap between Brink’s obvious talent and equally obvious flaw is perhaps most pronounced.

-Speaking of the draft, Diana C. Nearhos wrote up a highly debatable piece for the Times yesterday about the best and worst picks in Lightning history.

The Crunch

-Staff members from the Syracuse Crunch are in Charlotte this week for the AHL’s annual team business meetings.

-The relationship between the Crunch and Lightning remains one of the most productive between the two leagues:

-The Crunch had a flurry of transactions, trades, and other player movements at the end of last week that created quite the stir. In this week’s Syracuse Speaks, we took a look at them all and discussed what they meant for the organization.

The Others

-Mike Bales is the new assistant coach for the Buffalo Sabres. Joe Yerdon did a feature on him for The Athletic. (pay-walled)

-Do you like Finland? Do you feel like you don’t know enough about Finland? Either way...Does Blue Shirt Banter have an article for you!

-The Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs announced their preseason schedules yesterday:

-The Jacob Trouba to New York trade yesterday rocked the internet. The reasons behind Trouba wanting to be moved might surprise some:

-There was another trade yesterday, this time involving the Philadelphia Flyers and the San Jose Sharks:

-The Anaheim Ducks made some in-house promotions yesterday:

-End of the season banners have been selected! (NSFW)

-Court cases involving former NHL’ers and their families appear to be set to move forward:

-Mike McKenna recently had a very special guest on his podcast: AHL referee Jamie Koharski.

-The landscape of the NWHL has changed quite a bit thanks to the #ForTheGame movement and the Olympics. Could the league turn to D-III talent to help fill their ranks?

The 2017-18 season proved that NWHL hockey was still engaging and entertaining without members of Team USA in the league and players like Fluke and Lewicki were a big part of that. Which is why Morrisette and other new pros from D-III schools could prove to be what makes the 2019-20 NWHL season a reality.

Late last night, the Flyers signed Kevin Hayes to a seven year contract extension.