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Exploring weird Tampa Bay Lightning stuff with’s play index

This should be fun.

Washington Capitals v Tampa Bay Lightning is one of my top resources when doing research for articles. I also use and a lot as well. This is in addition to the site,, and as each one offers something a little bit different from the others.

But something Hockey-Reference has that is truly amazing is their Play Index tools. With this tool, you can find out all sorts of information. As an example, last week on Twitter, Hockey-Reference asked a question that could be found out with their Play Index.

The answer is 5 with the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings both doing so during the 80s. So why don’t we turn the Play Index’s attention on the Tampa Bay Lightning and see what kind of fun things we can find out with it.

How many times have the Lightning scored at least 7 goals in the month of December?

Three times. The first came on 12/5/92 when they lost 9-7 to the Detroit Red Wings. The next came on 12/7/06 against the Atlanta Thrashers in an 8-0 win. The Lightning once again did it on 12/8/18 against the Colorado Avalanche in a 7-1 win.

What is the most goals the Lightning have scored in a road game against the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Seven goals. The Lightning have done it three times, winning all three games. 10/12/96 in a 7-4 win, 3/23/04 in a 7-2 win, and 10/25/16 in a 7-3 win.

What are the most goals the Lightning have scored in a road playoff game? What about in a road playoff loss?

Eight goals in a 8-2 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins on 4/23/11 and five goals in a 6-5 loss to the Boston Bruins on 5/17/11.

What season did the Lightning have the most 8+ goal games and how many did they have?

Two in 2018-19. The Lightning have had a single 8+ goal game in seven other seasons.

Who holds the record for most shorthanded goals in a game for the Lightning?

Martin St. Louis is the only player to record two shorthanded goals in a game. He accomplished it on 12/27/03 at home against the Bostom Bruins.

What is the highest time on ice a player has played for the Lightning in the regular season?

37:03. Dan Boyle did it on 2/23/08 against the Boston Bruins. He holds 19 of the 23 highest Lightning TOI totals in a game, with Pavel Kubina, Paul Mara, Mike Lundin, and Steve Eminger holding the other four places. Brad Richards holds the record among forwards with 31:10 on 12/8/07 against the New York Islanders.

Who holds the record for the highest TOI without recording a shot on goal for forwards and defensemen?

Paul Mara for defensemen with 31:55 TOI in a 4/1/00 game that ended in a tie against the Florida Panthers. For forwards, Ben Clymer skated 28:46 on 11/28/99 without a shot on goal in an overtime loss.

Among active Lightning players, Ryan McDonagh holds the record with 29:13 on 3/30/19 against the Washington Capitals. Ondrej Palat holds the record for forwards when he skated 23:47 against the Carolina Hurricanes in an overtime loss without a shot on goal.

What is the record for goals, assists, and points scored in a game on the player’s birthday?

Mattias Ritola, Sean Bergenheim, and Brayden Point share the goals record with two goals. Vinny Prospal holds the record for assists with two and accomplished that twice in his Lightning career. The points record is two points which has been done six times; twice by Vinny Prospal, and once each by Ritola, Point, Bergenhim, and Alex Selivanov.

What are the career records for goals, assists, and points scored in all games on a player’s birthday?

Ritola, Point, Bergenheim, and Freddy Modin share the goals record with two goals. Prospal holds the assists and points record with four and five respectively.

Who has played the most games on their birthday for the Lightning?

Steven Stamkos with five games.

Who are the franchise leaders in goals, assists, and points prior to turning 20?

Steven Stamkos with 55 goals. Vincent Lecavalier with 57 assists. Stamkos with 107 points.

Who are the franchise leaders in goals, assists, and points after turning 40?

Dave Andreychuk with 27 goals. Mark Recchi with 32 assists. Andreychuk with 57 points. Andreychuk also leads in games played with 124. Andreychuk and Recchi are joined by Gary Roberts as the only players to play for the Lightning after turning 40.

Who are the franchise leaders in goals, assists, and points after turning 30?

Martin St. Louis leads by a large margin in all three with 260 goals, 454 assists, and 714 points.

Who has the lowest TOI in a single game Lightning franchise history? (Note that TOI was not tracked until 1997-98 and some game data is incomplete)

Kyle Freadrich recorded 1 second of TOI in a game at the Chicago Blackhawks on 3/3/2000. He fought Ryan VandenBussche at 3:27 on the first period. Then never stepped foot on the ice the rest of the night despite their being two other fights that night including a goalie fight between Dan Cloutier and Steve Passmore. Which brings me to the next fun stat to look up.

What goalie has the most penalty minutes in a game for the Lightning?

Dan Gloutier with 27 penalty minutes in the previously mentioned game against the Blackhawks. He was give 5 for fighting, 2 for leaving the crease, a 10 minute game misconduct, and a 10 minute misconduct.

Andrei Vasilevskiy is tied with Mike Smith for the second most. Vasilevskiy was given a 10 minute misconduct at the end of over time after Buffalo scored a goal. Mike Smith was given a 10 minute Abuse of Officials call at the end of an overtime period in a game against the Colorado Avalanche. Smith, however, was allowed to take part in the shootout and lost in the shootout.

What goalie holds the record for most assists in a game for the Lightning?

Ben Bishop. He recorded two assists in a win against the Montreal Canadiens.

Who holds the record for the most multi-point games in Lightning history?

Martin St. Louis with 257 games. Following him up are Vincent Lecavalier with 212, Steven Stamkos with 208, and Nikita Kucherov with 125. Victor Hedman leads defensemen with 95 such games and is 6th overall in franchise history after Brad Richards’ 111.

Who holds the record for the most multi-goal games in Lightning history?

Steven Stamkos with 73. St. Louis follows him with 50 and Lecavalier has 46. Kucherov comes in 4th with 25. Dan Boyle holds the record for defensemen with 8. Victor Hedman is in second with five games followed by Pavel Kubina with three.

Who holds the record for the most multi-goal games on the road in Lightning History?

Stamkos with 26, followed by St. Louis with 22, and Lecavalier with 17. Tyler Johnson enters the fray at 4th with 11 games while Kucherov and Modin are tied for 5th with 10 games. Dan Boyle leads defensemen with three and is the only Lightning defenseman to have done it more than once with 15 players in total having done so.

For more fun...

If you’d like to experiment more with Hockey-Reference’s Play Index, you can find it here. What I’ve done with it has only scratched the surface in what the Play Index can do. It’s able to do all sorts of fun and interesting things, in addition to having a ton of other useful data such as game logs and scoring logs for individual players.