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Syracuse Speaks: A Raw Charge podcast - episode 10

Alex lays out why the Crunch needs to host a Harry Potter theme night.

Syracuse Crunch Ross Colton (22) facing off against Utica Comets Brendan Woods (21) in American Hockey League (AHL) action at the War Memorial Arena in Syracuse, New York on Saturday, March 30, 2019. Syracuse won 6-2.
Scott Thomas Photography

Welcome back to Syracuse Speaks! This podcast, hosted by Alex Ackerman, aims to bring more voices to the world of minor league hockey.

In this episode, host Alex Ackerman celebrates 10 episodes by attempting to convince the Crunch that they need to do a Harry Potter theme night this upcoming season. She outlines her reasons, describes the flexibility and the potential ease of theme, and mentions some predecessors in hockey that have already successfully done wizarding-themed events. She also mentions the easy charitable connections the night could have, bringing up both local organizations and organizations in the wider Harry Potter universe. She muses on nerds, geeks, and hockey fans, and the natural mesh that just might hold them all together.

It’s a magical episode that bridges the two main passions in Alex’s life!

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A few post-production notes:

  • Ravenclaw colors are blue and bronze, not blue and gold. My apologies to Matt Esteves and the other Ravenclaws in my life.
  • Gryffindor colors are scarlet and gold, not red and yellow. Apologies for the misspeak.

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