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Quick Strikes: What Danick Martel has to offer in a new season

And an update on the Bolts pup!

Columbus Blue Jackets v Tampa Bay Lightning

The Bolts

Danick Martel played just 9 games for the Tampa Bay Lightning last season but has made our Top 25 under 25. Matt shared his thoughts on Martel in his article. [Raw Charge]

Due to the forward talent that the Lightning boasted, Martel only managed to appear in nine games this season, which in some ways is disappointing, but is understandable. He was stuck behind Adam Erne on the depth chart and there was never a point during the season where it felt like Martel was definitively better than Erne or suited for the role Erne was performing. The only other forward that Martel could reasonably compete with was Mathieu Joseph, and given how Joseph exploded onto the scene for the Lightning, there was little chance Martel would jump ahead of him.

Tyler Johnson recently joined the Lightning Made Summer Camp. Here’s a short recap.

If you remember, it was an International Cat Day on Thursday. Here’s a photo of Mikhail Sergachev taking his cat for a walk.

The official Bolts twitter account made its choice.

The Dog

The new Lightning pup gives good advice.

The Crunch

The Syracuse Crunch have collaborated with The Great New York State Fair. Now you can get 10 or 20 free tickets to the 2019 Fair after purchasing any Crunch ticket package from now until August 20th.

The Game

Two semifinals games were played on Friday at the Hlinka-Gretzky Cup. Team Canada defeated Sweden thanks to three (!!!) shootout goals by Cole Perfetti.

Their opponents in the final game will be team Russia who won over Finland, 3-1.

Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings 31 years ago yesterday.

Sean Tierney shared his projections for the Atlantic Division for next season [].

In net, newly-signed Vasilevskiy is ranked 7th heading into 2019–20, with an expected 5.84 WAR. McElhinney has enjoyed a late-career renaissance over the past couple of seasons and is projected to be the 10th-best backup next year, worth approximately 1.8 WAR.

This team could march all the way to the Cup final…as long as they get past the first round.

Bulbul Kartanbay has become the first player from Kazakhstan to play in the NWHL. The Ice Garden blog has a long profile on her [The Ice Garden]

Kartanbay’s story isn’t just unique because she comes from a country with a small fingerprint in the world of women’s hockey. It’s unique because she has faced a harrowing number of obstacles — even by the standards of women’s athletics — and she’s still skating and smiling.

In Kazakhstan, sports like wrestling, boxing, and soccer are king. Conversely, women’s hockey is barely a blip on the radar. Because hockey is so uncommon for girls and women in her home country, Kartanbay began playing the game she’s now infatuated with at the age of 13. By that time, most girls hockey players in North America have already been on the ice for half a dozen years.

Glenn Hall is the latest guest on the InGoal Magazine podcast.

The San Jose Sharks and San Jose Barracuda have announced plans to aid victims and families affected by the recent Gilroy tragedy and to honor the first responders who assisted in the care and well-being of the wounded.

If you’re wondering what Gritty is up to:

A new edition of NHL Pop is coming, including Nikita Kucherov and Andrei Vasilevskiy: