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Quick Strikes: Stammer and Bolt have a date

And Leafs fans are crying because Auston Matthews is in Arizona.

Bolt the Pup chewing on a (hockey) stick
@BoltsPup on Twitter

The Bolts

In the Tampa Bay Lightning Top 25 Under 25 player rankings, Alex Barré-Boulet kicked off the top-10 after a strong offensive season with the Syracuse Crunch. [Raw Charge]

Alex Barré-Boulet burst onto the pro hockey scene (after bursting onto the junior hockey scene as an overager). In his rookie season with the AHL Syracuse Crunch, “ABB” jumped right onto the top line and became one of their most lethal offensive and power play attackers. The 5’10” center/wing has had to prove himself at every level, going undrafted three times in a row. But now that he’s in the AHL under an NHL contract, he’s on the same footing as everyone else. And with the Tampa Bay Lightning in need of cheap scoring depth, ABB might already be on the path to the NHL within the next season or two.

The NHL Network rankings are bad and annoying and everyone has a take because there is always so much wrong with them. To solve this, Alan made his own lists using whatever he used and they are GREAT! I’ll let him explain it all. [Raw Charge]

But what if we could make a better list? A new list. A different list. A list that incorporates quantitative and qualitative evaluations. A list that represents multiple perspectives. A list that blends traditional and contemporary analysis. No one would care? It’s still just a dumbass list of hockey players? Yeah, fair. But I made one anyway and you’re a degenerate serial list reader so you’ll look at it. And feel shame, as you should. But not as much as I feel making it.

Also in Syracuse, Lukas Favale spoke with head coach Benoit Groulx on his podcast. The two had a great conversation, I highly recommend listening in.

The Pup

Bolt, the Tampa Bay Lightning puppy, spent an afternoon skating with captain Steven Stamkos and it was FREAKING ADORABLE!


Two blondes, in love. So beautiful.

The Game

Some official business, the Calgary Flames have invited former Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Andrew MacDonald to training camp on a PTO. MacDonald was bought out of the final year of his contract this summer. For those keeping track (thank you, Cap Friendly), the Lightning do not have anyone signed to a PTO as of yet.

Not to blame Marner, but I blame Marner.

Auston Matthews did a commercial with the Arizona State Sun Devils and Leafs fans LOST THEIR MINDS. “Oh no, Matthews is signing in Arizona in five years!” “He’s going to ask for a trade!” “HE PUT ON THE COLLEGE TEAM’S JERSEY!” “WAHHHHH!!!!!!”

It’s a real shame because the commercial was quite good and it made me very happy as a POC Leafs fan to see Matthews do anything to grow the game. If anyone’s going to do it in the south west, it should be him.

And in women’s hockey news, the Russian Women’s league is getting time on ice data! Yay!