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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been a wild year, thank you for sticking by

Antique Print Of A Turkey Photo by GraphicaArtis/Getty Images

In some ways I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving weekend here in the United States. In other ways, it seems like it took forever to get this far. Let’s face it, it’s been a sh*tstorm of a year in almost every way possible and we have a few more months to roll through before we can even sniff at anything even remotely approaching what we might have once thought was normal.

Still, I would be remiss to trash this entire year despite the atrocities that have occurred on just about every level. Even if there was a hypothetical blue pill that could wash away the events of the last twelve months I wouldn’t take it. At the most basic, selfish level I wouldn’t want to forget the playoff run we just experienced.

For those of you yet to reach middle age or beyond, you might not have come to the realization that the Stanley Cup you saw the Tampa Bay Lightning raise over a month ago might be the last you see your favorite team acquire. I remember being in my (late) twenties in 2004 and thinking, “Hey this is fun, can’t wait for them to do it again in a couple of years” only to see the days and years without another Cup quickly bleed away.

With more than a few years under my belt, the 2020 version of that comment was, “Hey, this is fun, glad they won another one before I died.” Yes, it’s a bit morbid, but it’s not out of pocket to see a team go forty years or more without winning a title. Isn’t that right, Leafs fans?

So, let me begin my airing of thanks with one towards the Tampa Bay Lightning. Thank you for winning the Stanley Cup. Thank you Brayden Point for your game-winning goal in the fifth overtime of the first game that made a lot of Lightning fans breath a little easier. Thank you Steven Stamkos for your one goal in the Stanley Cup Finals, perhaps the finest moment in Tampa sports history. Thank you to every other player and staff member in the organization for working together to give folks in the area a glimmer of happiness in a gloomy summer.

Thank you to the staff here at Raw Charge. We aren’t the biggest team in SBNation. We aren’t the most read site in the portfolio, either. However, I will put our writing up against any other blog covering this team and this sport. It’s a joy to read what y’all come up on a daily basis.

To the two editors who preceded me in this role, a big ol’ heart felt thanks. Achariya and Loserpoints, I seriously wouldn’t have taken the job on an interim basis if I couldn’t lean on you for advice and guidance (and the assistance with where to put commas). The same goes to Allokago, first for helping me learn about the Syracuse Crunch and then for all of the advice along the way. You all make for a great advisory council and keep me somewhat sane.

Lastly, thank you to all of you readers out there. We literally could not do what we do if you didn’t stick around to read us before work, during your lunch breaks, when you should be studying, or when you’re sitting on a bus. We love the engagement you provide through the comments, on Twitter, or through email. Even when you may not agree with what we say or how we say it, seeing the feedback helps make us better. Most importantly, thank you for engaging in a civil way. It’s nice being able to scroll through the comments without having to worry about banning any body for foul or hurtful language. Not every site around here can say the same thing.

Over this past year I know I’ve come to appreciate the things I have, and the people in my life more than ever before. I imagine many of you out there feel the same. For those of you out there that are struggling, or have lost someone close to you this year, I hope this little spot on the internet provided some relief, even if it was fleeting, from your pain.

Once again, thank you for reading. I hope, however you choose to celebrate this holiday (or even if you don’t) that you have a few good moments along the way.