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Lightning Round: Last day to vote (on Lightning prospects)

The Top 25 under 25 voting wraps up today

Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds v Windsor Spitfires Photo by Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

It’s been a bit of an exhausting week, hasn’t it? If you want to take a break from the constant election talk that’s sweeping through the news, feel free to take a moment to fill out the Raw Charge Top 25 Under 25 survey.

Click here to submit survey.

The survey will be closed later this evening so that we can start tabulating the results and begin writing up the profiles of the twenty five young players that are selected. Look for those to begin next week.

This is always a fun series to run. The research the writers go into provides a nice objective look at the state of the Lightning’s prospect pool. The final product ends up being one of the great resources moving forward. Whenever prospects are called up or traded away we see a big spike in page views for that player.

Except for the top of the list, a lot of these players will most likely disappear from the collective consciousness for awhile. So, these lists also tend to serve as a bit of record of their progress. Are they moving up the list - good! Moving down on the list - bad!

Your voice is important to making the final list. Sometimes we get caught in our own echo chamber in regards to our thoughts on the matter so it’s nice to hear outside opinions to see if they match up with what we think. The more responses we get, the more accurate we feel the list ends up being.

Thank you!

Lightning Links

Speaking of prospects - how about another look at Tampa Bay’s draft this past summer. Scouching goes over the young players drafted by the Lightning organization this fall and is somewhat underwhelmed. Although he does like a couple of the picks.

One of those players that he liked was in action on the ice for the Russian national team on Thursday. Maxim Groshev picked up an assist as Karjala Cup action opened up. Russia defeated Finland 6-2. Groshev and his teammates will be back in action on Saturday as Russia takes on Sweden (who lost their tournament opener 3-1 to the Czech Republic)

Since this seems to be a prospect heavy Lightning Round, why not continue? Are there any untouchable prospects in the organization right now?

The untouchable one might see some time in the NHL next season. With some holes on the blueline and a lack of available cap room to secure free agent help, Cal Foote might have a good shot at making the team with a strong training camp.

Championship wine? Yes, Mano’s Wine is offering a limited edition honoring the Lightning’s Stanley Cup championship. There will be a Championship Reserve (a blend of a cabernet saubignon and a merlot) and a Championship Bubbly (a dry, sparkling wine). Get yours today.

Other Hockey News

Over at ESPN Wysh takes a look at the state of the NHL and how they may deal with COVID-19 whenever the season begins again. The answer - lots of testing.

Why not look at some more prospects. The Hockey News takes a look at some of the top players in USHL, which kicks back up this week. The league is a mixture of just drafted players and future draft eligible high-school and college age players.

Chris Creamer and Todd Radom wrote the book, “The Fabric of the Game” which explores the history behind the logos of each NHL franchise. They picked some of their favorites for theScore.

Another restricted free agent signs a contract. The New York Rangers and Ryan Strome agreed to a two-year deal prior to an arbitration hearing. It’s for two years at $4.5 million per season. The Rangers still have a little bit of room under the cap if they need to make any more moves.