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Lightning Round: Why Maxim Cajkovic was removed from Team Slovakia ahead of World Juniors

And final pre-WJC coronavirus tests happen today.

2019 IIHF World Junior Ice Hockey Championship quarterfinals: Russia 8 - 3 Slovakia
VANCOUVER, CANADA JANUARY 2, 2019: Slovakia’s Milos Kelemen (L) and Russia’s Ivan Morozov in their 2019 IIHF World Junior Championship quarterfinal ice hockey match at Rogers Arena in Vancouver; Russia won 8-3. Andrew Chan/TASS
Photo by Andrew Chan\TASS via Getty Images

In case you missed it, Tampa Bay Lightning prospect Maxim Cajkovic was sent home from Slovakia’s World Juniors selection camp for disciplinary reasons following dirty hits on his potential teammates during scrimmages. Cajkovic apologized on his way out the door, but while this is apparently not the first time, we hope it is the last.

Today, Šimon Čop reported that Cajkovic caused 18-year-old Samuel Krajč a concussion along with another incident during the camp. Krajč had to leave the camp bubble because of his injury and thus won’t be allowed to play in the tournament.

Teams will be getting their final official tests today and flying out early this week for Edmonton.

It’s a shame that this happened at all, especially since Cajkovic was essentially a lock to make the team on the first line while Krajc seemed to only be in the mix for a bottom-six spot. Cajkovic took that opportunity away from both of them. It sucks.

Also in WJC news, final cuts are going to be made today. Translation, final COVID-19 test results will be conducted and those who test positive will not be making the flights to Edmonton. Team USA had reportedly already lost a few players to positive tests. I have a bad feeling today is going to be really ugly.

Quick distraction! Cupcakes!

Three more teams have opted out of the ECHL season. Tracey is going to have more at the site later, but the league is down to 15 teams with the Fort Wayne Komets and Toledo Walleye yet to make their in/out decision.


Finally, in NHL news, neither sides knows what a clock is and why there’s a sharp ticking noise going on in the background. Time is running out and the NHL and NHLPA are still bickering over player contract pay arrangements. There is still a season to plan and nothing has gotten done! January 1st is long out of the question.

NHL teams can’t opt out of a season. It was written in the CBA made over the summer. And yet, Jeremy Jacobs is throwing stuff around the board room.