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Lightning suffer third straight regulation loss for the first time this season

On the other hand, we’re still in a pretty good playoff spot.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Last night’s Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Tampa Bay Lightning game was interesting mostly because it showcased exactly how our new players (Barclay Goodrow and Zach Bogosian) could fit into our lineup. Honestly, it felt like they both played exactly how we expected them to — Goodrow registered a second assist in his first Bolts game on Yanni Gourde’s goal, and Bogosian ended up on ice for two goals against. Focusing on Bogosian for a minute, he did register two shots on goal (one of which hit Frederick Andersen’s glove) and three hits, but he also accidentally...

Thoughts and prayers to Point’s future children. During the game, our discussion went like this:

Loserpoints: The only reason Nylander had the puck is because Bogo flubbed a nothing pass. I’m also thinking it could be nerves.

Matt: Schenn wouldn’t have been able to get the pass out either.

Justing: Going from working with Buffalo’s offense (minues Eichel) to Tampa’s is like going from a go kart to a Ferrari.

Loserpoints: Yeah, also very different stakes. Hopefully he gets more comfortable.

Matt: He also hasn’t played in weeks, but he ain’t gonna be that great regardless

Loserpoints: For sure. He just looks even worse than I expected tonight but we’ll see.

Matt: I’m just telling myself he’s a stopgap until 27 and 44 come back. Then he won’t see the ice.

Justing: Exactly.

We wrote more about the Goodrow trade yesterday, specifically about whether the Tampa Bay Lightning overpayed. [Raw Charge]

So rmartin273 had an interesting comment on the Goodrow trade, and I thought I’d paste it here for everyone’s eyes because it also seems hopeful. Do you guys agree? Is JBB finally the peanut butter to Cooper’s jelly? You can go reply to it here. [Raw Charge #comment! ]

Finally closer to a Jon Cooper team.

At Jon Cooper’s introductory press conference when he became the Bolts head coach, he was asked what kind of team he wanted. His reply was a mix of the “80’s Oilers and the 70’s Flyers.” This was surely not Yzerman’s vision of the team. The moves made by BriesBois have made this team much closer to Cooper’s vision of a team. Plenty of offensive talent – Stamkos, Kucherov, Point, Hedman etc … But Briesbois has added players who are tough and are complete team players. Maroon, Coleman, Goodrow and Bogosian all play a hard physical game and will drop the gloves with anyone to defend their teammates. More importantly, come playoff time, these players will win puck battles, make life miserable for opposing players and take a big hit in order to make a play. I don’t expect results right away after the deadline as players will need time to adjust but by the time the playoffs start, I expect the Bolts to make a BIG noise.

Posted by rmartin273

Puck Prose’s Kype Pereira sees the same kind of trend toward a “not easy to push around” team. [Puck Prose]

One thing in common with a majority of the additions he made to the roster was that each guy played a physically inclined game. Patrick Maroon, Luke Schenn, and Luke Witkowski were those physical guys, even though only one of them has been a consistent mainstay on the NHL roster. He also added some skill to the roster with the cheap signing of Kevin Shattenkirk to go along with the inclusion of Carter Verhaeghe and, eventually, Mitchell Stephens.

The quick recap from Matt is here. [Raw Charge]

Tampa Bay controlled 56% of the shot attempts at 5v5 and generated an xGF% of 61%. Their second period was ugly as were the special teams, but like Cooper said in his presser, they played well enough at even strength. This game was lost on special teams (and some horrid blown coverage).

On a different note, Steven Stamkos left the game before the last shift of the second period, and was gone during the third. He took a shift 17 minutes into the second, and Lauren noticed this: “Stamkos took two hits in the span of 10 seconds, he initiated contact though. First hit was Clifford. Second was Liljegren. Both hits looked pretty harmless.” But after that, he was gone, so we speculate that one of those jarred him.

My god, I need this shirt that Victor Hedman designed. LOOK AT DAT PUPPY. [Tampa Bay Lightning]

Definitely catch this week’s Syracuse Speaks, because Alex sees a glimmer of hope! There’s also a gorgeous photo album to click through and enjoy. [Raw Charge]

This week, Alex starts off by pondering some more on her current discomfort with the Syracuse Crunch roster. Although no conclusions were gained, she feels closer than ever before to an answer. She then dives into the NHL trade deadline and does some quick math (Basically: Cameron Gaunce + Mitchell Stephens > Anthony Greco). She ends the pod with a summary of Syracuse’s most recent jersey tributes and charitable activities, including a plug of the team’s upcoming Crunch At Your Service event.


So what did you guys think of the new guys?