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Lightning Round: Tampa Bay Lightning season ticket holders offered refund package

And a small best of Raw Charge’s translations!

NHL: NHL Awards Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday marked the last part in Extragalactic’s four-part translated series about everybody’s favorite Tampa Bay Lightning grumpy cat, Nikita Kucherov. My favorite quotation from the last part of the article was undoubtedly this, because I feel it deeply as a mom:

Mom still watches Nikita’s every game live on television. Father cannot afford such a luxury because he has work in the morning. Svetlana, on the other hand, won’t settle until she calls or texts her son after the game and congratulates him if everything is good.

“I don’t go to bed until I get a reply,” she says. “I call him every day and immediately begin fretting if he doesn’t pick up. Nikita texts me, ‘Why are you panicking? I was busy. Wrote back when I could.” But I worry; I’m his mom, after all. And seeing the game live isn’t enough for me; I watch it again in the afternoon…”

But there were SO MANY great tidbits in this series, which leads me to remind you all that Raw Charge actually has a Translation and Transcription hub, where we carefully store all of these translated gems. These articles are worth a deep dive, if you want a perspective on the players that they don’t often give to blander English publications.

Remember Igor’s translation of Mikhail Sergachev and how he feels about Brad Marchand’s licking stunt?

Mikhail Sergachev: I don’t even know. It’s very gross. I can’t even imagine what’s on his mind at this moment. Probably if I get licked, I’d think “Are you sick?” I would be really angry. I think there is no place for this behavior in the NHL.

Or how about this great smack talk from Andrei Vasilevskiy, where he said, “As you might have noticed, the Lightning won the Stanley Cup with a Russian goalie”?

It was so long ago I don’t really remember. Naturally, I already knew something about the NHL, and was aware that Nikolai Khabibulin was playing for the Lightning and won the Stanley Cup with them. As you might have noticed, the Lightning won the Stanley Cup with a Russian goalie.

Or this great piece where Ondrej Palat shared his true feelings after last year’s sad fizzle.

Yes, it was awful. We still couldn’t believe it. Even when we were losing 0-2 in the series, we had hopes to turn it around. But they immediately scored two goals during the third game and we lost.

Go take a look!

News (?)

Per staffer GeoFitz, season ticketholders were sent letters yesterday informing them that they could receive the remainder of their lost games in two different methods:

“I can roll the remainder of the money for each game over towards my 2020-21 plan and get a 10% bonus. Or my second option is to get a refund. I can also take the 10% bonus as a Food and Beverage gift card or a Tampa Bay Sports Store gift card.”

More information is in this article from the Tampa Bay Times [paid content]:

Those who held single-game tickets for the remaining games also have avenues for refunds. Anyone who bought their ticket from the box office directly should email — the office is not staffed in person, so there is no one to answer calls or in-person inquiries.

Fans who bought their tickets through Ticketmaster should find an option to request a refund upon logging into their Ticketmaster accounts.

The website also offers a refund process to anyone who bought their tickets on the resale market. The same option to request a refund appears in the account. Ticketmaster then requests and receives the funds from the seller and returns the tickets to them.

GeoFitz wrote a piece for SBNation’s What If series: What if there were no compliance buyouts in 2013?

With Lecavalier sticking around on our imaginary roster, maybe he has a bigger season in 2013-14 than he had with the Flyers. He could have been the one to benefit from moving up to play with Martin St. Louis after Stamkos broke his leg instead of Tyler Johnson and Ondrej Palat. Maybe he has a big year and proves he can still be a difference maker.

I like this what if!

This was fun: ‘04 Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup champs look back at rituals, superstitions before the big game

“I used to put my toothbrush in a certain way the night before the game. I used to have a nap at the same time,” Richards said, with a grin. “I remember in Calgary [Fredrik Modin] and I had a Kokanee Beer before Game 4. So we got to the team dinner, we had to have a Kokanee beer.”

Got anything?

On a personal note, my high school Freshman only has two more weeks left of school and the AP exam is finally over, which means I can pitch in around here again! Hope you are all healthy and doing well.