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Stanley Cup Bound! Here’s where you can find the Lightning Eastern Conference championship merch

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Can you believe it? In this topsy-turvey 2019-20 the Tampa Bay Lightning are going to the Stanley Cup Final! They opened things up by slogging their way past the defensive-minded Columbus Blue Jackets. Then it was the neo-rival Boston Bruins and their “Perfection Line”. Finally, the upstart New York Islanders presented a new challenge with their opportunistic and sometimes violent style of play.

Through it all, the Lightning stuck with their game plan and let their best players be their best players. Led by the dynamic offense of Brayden Point and Nikita Kucherov, they proved that skill + will = success. And like their General Manager, Julien BriseBois, predicted back when the restart began, they “embraced the suck, and are dancing in the rain”. Well, they’re dancing in Edmonton, at least.

Now, celebrate their Eastern Conference Title and show your pride in the Lightning with the following championship gear.

Don’t forget that we also have some other shirts that you can purchase to show your support for your favorite hockey team!


This one was just released in the last couple of days.

Mr. Overtime - Brayden Point

Nikita Kucherov: