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Lightning Round: Game vs. Dallas Postponed

It will be rescheduled at a later date

2020 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

For the third time this season, a game between the Dallas Stars and the Tampa Bay Lightning has been postponed. This time it wasn’t for COVID-related reasons like the two games from Opening Week, rather it was due to the ongoing issues due to the extreme cold weather rolling through Dallas and most of Texas.

With a tremendous amount of stress being put on the power grid, local officials determined that allocating resources for a hockey game wasn’t a wise decision. As of right now, the game scheduled for Saturday in Dallas is still on, however, that is subject to change depending on conditions in the city.

(Update - go ahead and ignore the rest of this part as according to the Amalie Arena website, there is a concert scheduled for Saturday night) Depending the logistics involved the game could (and I stress could) be moved to Amalie Arena as it appears there is nothing scheduled for Saturday night. The Toronto Raptors do have a home game on Sunday, but are on the road Friday night. If they did that, they could flip one of the Lightning home games scheduled for later in the season to Dallas. For instance, the game on March 4th is scheduled to be played in Tampa and as of right now the Dallas Mavericks aren’t scheduled to play in American Airlines Arena so that date could be open.

The Stars are set to be in Florida next week as it is. Following the series against the Bolts, Dallas is heading to Sunrise to play the Panthers so it might work out for them logistically.

However, that could be a big ask of the Dallas players who are dealing with the ramifications of not having power for the last few days. While it would eliminate the need to reschedule yet another game for the Stars (in addition to the three already postponed) it is hard to have them go on the road and leave their families behind not knowing when power may be restored to the area.

The schedule makers definitely have their hands full this season.

Lightning Links

ESPN asks the question - Is Victor Hedman the best hockey player in the world? (Subscription required) Hedman says no, because that’s what the best player in the world would say. His coach calls him a “man among boys” at times. Nicklas Lidstrom says that he is someone that “can control games now”. That’s pretty good praise.

Sometimes, even Stanley Cup Champs need a slap in the face

I can’t disagree with that statement. A little adversity is good from time to time. Bad games happen throughout the season, but if the team recognizes it early enough and fixes the problem, then that’s good. If they don’t, well just flash back to the 2018-19 playoffs. Bonus - there is a “can’t throw sticks on the ice and expect to win” cliché!

Russian Lightning fan remembers Stanley Cup champs with sleeve tattoo

This story has made the rounds a few times since the Bolts won the Cup, but it looks like Alexi Chelukanov is almost done getting one of the more impressive tattoos we’ve seen in quite some time. After 13 eight-hour sessions, he needs just one more to finish it off.

Syracuse Crunch downed by Comets, 5-2

With a couple of their best offensive players in Tampa, it was always going to be an uphill battle for the Crunch against the Comets. Despite the loss there were a couple of highlights as Dmitry Semykin scored his first pro goal and Jimmy Huntington scored his first AHL goal. Congrats to them. Hardev will have more in his recap on Monday.

Hockey Links

Nathan MacKinnon to shoot for hole-in-one during NHL Outdoors

The NHL is heading to Lake Tahoe this weekend for some outdoor hockey. On a golf course. So why not have one of the best players in the league try for a hole-in-one between periods? If he makes it, the league will donate $1 million to the NHL/NHLPA Learn to Play program. Chances are, if he doesn’t make it, they will still donate money to a charity. They may make some bad PR decisions from time to time, but not donating money because someone doesn’t beat 12,500 to 1 odds is beyond even their reach.

NHL may turn to new platforms for big TV money

With the U.S. national TV rights up for grabs following this season, it seems pretty much all of the big networks might be interested in broadcasting NHL games in the future. Well, maybe not CBS (what would I give to hear Jim Nantz and Tony Romo call a Stanley Cup Final? Roughly $78). However, the other Big Three networks are likely to be involved in negotiations. Whoever does end up showing the games starting next season, expect them to use both regular cable/network channels as well as streaming platforms to broadcast the action.

What does good defense look like in the NHL?

A nice breakdown of how the modern-day defense operates.

Old friend JT Brown helped design a pair of Willie O’Ree commemorative skates. They look quite sharp.