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Lightning Round: Raw Charge’s plan for the postseason

I can’t promise you there won’t be bad puns. Sorry.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Alright. It seems like we just did this a few months ago (checks calendar, hey we did do this a few months ago!) It’s playoff time! The Tampa Bay Lightning are back in the postseason and we here at Raw Charge are ready to provide the best possible coverage a bunch of writers spread across North America can. Hopefully it’ll be a nice long ride and you’ll enjoy the coverage.

While we don’t have a schedule quite yet, I wanted to fill you in on what we’re going to be doing here at the site to provide all of the relevant news throughout the postseason. There isn’t much of a change from the day-to-day coverage you see here throughout the season, we’re just adding a little extra seasoning to it.

The day will start out with our Lightning Round which will include the scores from around the league as well anything relevant that might have happened. We’ll also have the daily schedule of games and where you can find them on your TV dial (or favorite internet streaming site). Chances are the first round will be handled by the regional sports networks with a smattering of games across the NBC platform.

On game days for the Lightning we’ll have our previews with lines, injuries, and storylines. We’ll also use the game day previews as the game thread. So, if you want to stop by and chat with other commenters during the game, that will be the post to do it in. Following the game we will have a quick recap with the pertinent details from the game.

On the following day we will have our Morning After Thoughts which will go a little deeper in depth about the previous night’s game. If there is anything worthy of its own article (like Pat Maroon putting Radko Gudas through the glass), it’ll post on the day after as well.

We’ll wait for everything to be over to do our season review/player grades stuff. After all, it’s not like we have to research who the Lightning might draft in the first round this summer.

We appreciate everyone who stopped by and read what we put up on the site during the regular season. Thank you also for leaving comments and suggestions. We look forward to the fun (and stress) of the next couple of months.

Lightning Links

Daniel Walcott’s journey to the NHL

There aren’t many players in the NHL that have taken the path to the big leagues that Walcott has. A path that includes high school hockey in Chicago, college hockey in Missouri, the QMJHL, the ECHL, and the AHL. Throw in a couple of shoulder surgeries and a position change and he is the very model of perseverance.

How to watch the Battle for the Oranges

The Tampa Bay Times provided a nice guide on how to watch the games, ticket prices, and the deal with Thunder Alley.

Stamkos is Lightning’s Masterton nominee

Steven Stamkos is quickly turning into the Susan Lucci of the Masterton Trophy. For the fourth time in his career the local PHWA have nominated The Captain for the award that “best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey.” It’s a testament to his tenacity that he’s come back from so many injuries in his career and continued to perform at a high level. If he was to win he would be the second player in franchise history, after John Cullen, to do so.

Lightning and ProWire enhance in-game experience

Fans attending Lightning games will be able to experience in-game commentary, rink mics, and exclusive content through their mobile device and the NHL app. Hopefully, they upgraded the WiFi in the arena.

NHL News

The top rising candidates for coaching and GM jobs in the NHL

ESPN polled 22 people in and around the NHL to see who might be in the next wave of GMs and coaches. I had to check it twice to make sure I didn’t miss him, but there was no mention of Benoit Groulx. On one hand it’s nice because that means he can stay with Syracuse. On the other, really? His track record of preparing prospects to join the Lightning is pretty darn good.

31 Thoughts

Mr. Friedman touches on the Jack Eichel situation in Buffalo, the coaching searches and an interesting tidbit about the possibility of Jon Cooper coaching Team Canada in the Olympics.

ESPN keeps with the status quo in coverage

Ray Ferrero is coming back to ESPN. The man known as “Chicken Parm” is reportedly joining ESPN/ABC’s coverage for next season. Will the Mouse reunite the NHL2Night crew? Brian Boucher is also rumored to be making the jump over.

NHL partners with Erin Andrews on women’s wear line

The former Sunshine Sports reporter entered into a multi-year agreement to provide a clothing line representing all 32 NHL teams. WEAR by Erin Andrews will release a collection of “jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, crop tops, button-down shirts, loungewear and sleepwear” sometime this fall.

Patrick Laine is not playing in the Worlds this summer

Google Translate may not be the most accurate translation out there but it sounds like Patrick Laine didn’t have such a great year. Hopefully a few months off will allow him to find the joy in the game again,