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Lightning Round: who’s ready for a boat parade?

Maps, forecasts, and timelines of the event

Tampa Bay Lightning Victory Rally & Boat Parade
TAMPA, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 30: Nikita Kucherov #86 of the Tampa Bay Lightning hugs the Stanley Cup as Patrick Maroon #14 speaks during the 2020 Stanley Cup Champion rally on September 30, 2020 in Tampa, Florida.
Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Lightning are kicking off their second consecutive Stanley Cup Championship Boat Parade this morning starting at 11am. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

The Forecast

I’m not a Tampa-area weather expert, so here is Channel 10 covering the forecast for Monday afternoon. Mid-to-high 80s with some clouds. No rain expected! Do not yell at me if it does rain, jinxes don’t exist, the weather is just highly chaotic. I’ll knock on wood if that makes you feel any better.

The Timeline

The Lightning are expected to gather at Davis Islands at around 10am and get the boat parade underway down the Hillsborough River at around 11am. The parade route is linked here from the NHL website.

Fans are encouraged to enjoy from along the shore, but are not allowed to participate in the parade on their own boats (obviously). Based on the wording, I believe you can watch while on your boats from the docks, but I would check with the authorities just in case. I’m just a wee blogger.

After the three-hour journey, the party will then arrive at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park by 2pm for the main celebration. Vo Williams and Big Boi will be performing (I don’t know who they are). “No outside coolers or chairs will be allowed.”

“Fans who cannot attend the events can tune into Ballys Sports Sun for celebration coverage.”

We will have coverage of the event on the site as soon as Tuesday.

Kuch will be waiting for you!

Also these shirts are amazing.

Elliotte Friedman’s 31 Thoughts has a few bullet points about the Lightning, starting at Point 21. Namely, how they’re going to ice a cap compliant team next year, Mathieu Joseph getting a bigger role, and Nikita Kucherov’s beer sponsorship opportunities. [Sportsnet]

“Thanks to Nikita Kucherov, I learned something new. There’s a specific exemption for players to endorse “malt beverages” in the CBA. They can’t endorse other forms of alcohol. Is this still necessary? Seems archaic. As for his crazy post-game media availability, we can’t complain players are boring and then rip them when they aren’t. Laughed my head off, while also recognizing the Canadiens are going to hunt him down in their first meeting next season.”

Speaking of cap compliance, Irony would like to say hi.

What an interesting start for ESPN and their hockey credibility. And enjoy the lawsuit, Chicago. People don’t forget.