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Lightning Round: Remembering the five overtime win and International Brayden Point Day

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It was a year ago, but did it ever truly end?

Columbus Blue Jackets v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game One
TORONTO, ONTARIO - AUGUST 11: Brayden Point #21 and the Tampa Bay Lightning celebrate his game winning goal against the Columbus Blue Jackets at 10:27 of the fifth overtime period in Game One of the Eastern Conference First Round during the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Scotiabank Arena on August 11, 2020 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Lightning defeated the Blue Jackets at 10:27 of the fifth overtime which made the game the four longest in NHL history.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

August 11th, 2021 marked the one-year anniversary of the five-overtime win against the Columbus Blue Jackets in Game One of their first round series. This game was the beginning of the redemption series after getting swept by the Blue Jackets a year previous. That game, and that series, helped us all believe that the Tampa Bay Lightning could win playoff games and playoff series, and that this team wasn’t fatally flawed, they just got unlucky.

Here is our recap from the game, studiously written by Matt.

“More than six hours after the puck dropped to open the first round of the 2020 NHL Playoffs, Brayden Point’s goal in the fifth overtime provided a 3-2 win for the Tampa Bay Lightning over the Columbus Blue Jackets. The game went so long that the NHL had to postpone the Carolina Hurricanes/Boston Bruins game that was set to follow it.”

The Lightning had to play 70 minutes of hockey AFTER the 60 minutes of regulation hockey in order to beat the Blue Jackets, but the game eventually ended with Brayden Point scoring with a muffin from long range that somehow got through. Shots at the end were 68-63. Almost nice, but at least the game didn’t go on any longer.

Readers of this blog know I’m a Leafs fan as well as a Lightning fan. As a Leafs fan, I didn’t know it was possible to win tight games, or get redemption against a team (okay, the Blue Jackets) that embarrassed you the year before. I didn’t think it was possible. This game, along with the rest of that series, helped me realize that happiness is possible.

Speaking of playoff failures and never knowing success. The Leafs signed a deal with Amazon before the 2021 season to make a documentary of the year. You probably know how it ends, but they still made the series. I don’t know if I hate myself enough to watch it, but here’s the trailer!

Great news that Sonya is expected to be released from the hospital on Friday after battling COVID-19. Please get your vaccine if you haven’t done so yet! It’s free and it keeps you away from a ventilator! Please!

If you aren’t caught up on what’s going on with Evander Kane, here is an article from our friends at Fear the Fin to catch you up. Since that article, Kane has been kicked out of the Hockey Diversity Alliance and now San Jose Sharks players don’t want him back on the team.