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Lightning Round: World Cup of Hockey 2024 Updates... Will it happen?

There’s a big elephant in the room

World Cup Of Hockey 2016 Final - Game Two - Canada v Europe
TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 29: Steven Stamkos #91 of Team Canada celebrates with the trophy after his teams World Cup of Hockey Championship over Team Europe during Game Two of the World Cup of Hockey final series at the Air Canada Centre on September 29, 2016 in Toronto, Canada. The Team Canada defeated Team Europe 2-1.
Photo by Peter Power/Getty Images

The NHL, IIHF, and their surrounding partners will be meeting this weekend during the Hockey Hall of Fame induction festivities to discuss plans for the World Cup of Hockey in 2024. At the moment, there’s a giant Russian elephant in the room as Putin continues his invasion of Ukraine, which forced the IIHF to ban them from international tournaments and other countries to veto the inclusion of Russia using a neutral party flag.

Up to this point the NHL has been in wait and see mode, hoping for an end to the conflict, but they are running out of time. Their plans for the 2024 World Cup of Hockey were for it to be mid-season in February, but it’s looking like it’ll have to be pushed back. The mid-season idea was also one that received pushback from some sponsors, so there really isn’t much going right at the moment. [ESPN]

“However if solutions aren’t found soon, it would make February 2024 unrealistic. The logistics for the tournament are complicated. It will occur midseason for the NHL. There are expected to be early-round games in Europe; the final rounds would be in North America. If the NHL helps stage a tournament, it wants to do it right.”

Bruins president Cam Neely (finally) spoke with Isaiah’s mom about the Mitchell Miller contract. In an attempt to do everything backwards, the Bruins have put themselves in a position where they’re going to have to pay out Mitchell Miller a fairly significant sum of money to have his contract go away. Due to their incompetence, terminating his contract would provide solid grounds for a grievance (filed by the NHLPA, which is their legal duty) with the argument that it was the Bruins fault for not doing proper research.

This was a good article on the trials and tribulations in Nick Paul’s relatively young NHL career, but long journey.

Leafs top prospect Rodion Amirov is fighting a brain tumor found last year. After several rounds of treatment he is back with his family, but this statement from his agent, Dan Milstein, is not optimistic. We are all pulling for you, Rodion! F*@k Cancer!