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Lightning Round: DeBoering choice?

And a need to change the narrative in the series

Washington Capitals v Vegas Golden Knights
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - APRIL 20: Vegas Golden Knights head coach Pete DeBoer speaks with the media after a victory over the Washington Capitals at T-Mobile Arena on April 20, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo by Jeff Bottari/NHLI via Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Lightning haven’t started on the right foot in each of their first two games in Colorado. Those starts follow them home as they face the Avalanche tonight in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final. Win, and they’re right back in it. Lose, and it’s a long road to travel to come all the way back. The Lightning need to show themselves and their opponent what kind of team they are when they start on the right foot.

I hope this helps motivate them! It’s very cute.

The Dallas Stars are expected to hire coach Pete DeBoer as their new head coach, replacing Rick Bowness. I don’t have anything personal against DeBoer, though his name makes a good headline. It’s just that he keeps getting fired, and then keeps getting hired over and over again.

He seems fine as a coach, but from my perspective he’s come into three good situations back in New Jersey. San Jose, and most recently Vegas, and watched as those teams faded away and got worse. Vegas is probably the most clear example of that. If Dallas want a participation trophy for the playoffs next year, DeBoer can get a good team there. If they want someone who’s going to design and run a program for their young players like Robertson and Gurianov, I don’t think they have the guy. If/when Ben Groulx is hired by Steve Yzerman this summer, I’d like to see in a few years where Dallas and Detroit are.

What a cool piece of history.