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Lightning Round: Ask us about the Lightning

It’s slow. There is no news. So feel free to ask us whatever you want.

Three United States Postal Service (USPS) mail trucks are... Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Look, let’s face it. We’re in that point of the summer where there isn’t much going on in the world of professional hockey. Sure, some restricted free agents are avoiding arbitration and signing deals and we’re all still waiting to hear where Nazem Kadri ends up playing, but other than that nothing is really happening.

Here at Raw Charge we are getting ready to start breaking down the prospects, but voting is still open, so make sure you participate if you haven’t already. We will keep the poll open until Friday night.

In the meantime why not let us answer any questions that are on your mind about the Tampa Bay Lightning. Our crack staff is relaxing and refueling for the season, but are ready to answer your questions about our favorite team. Go ahead and ask them in the comments or shoot us an email -- it’s in the masthead (click on “more” along the top, then masthead).

We’ll answer any serious questions you might have, and maybe one or two not so serious. Please participate, or else you’re getting JustinG.’s summer movie reviews.

Lightning / NHL News

Sammy Walker and Cole Guttman were two college players drafted by the Lightning that the organization decided not to sign. As of yesterday they became free agent. It looks like there is interest in Walker from his hometown team:

Joel Martin was the goaltender for the Kalamazoo Wings back when they were an ECHL affiliate for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Yesterday he was named as the head coach of the team.

A familiar name signed with the Lightning’s current ECHL affiliate. Matthew Barnaby is the newest Orlando Solar Bear. No it’s not the Matthew Barnaby that played 58 games for the Lightning in their pre-Cup era. It’s his kid. Sweet, now I feel really old.

Win a Stanley Cup, get a promotion. Good for Joe Sakic.

Jonathan Huberdeau became the latest player that has pledged to donate his brain to Project Enlist for future research on brain injuries.

We talked about the Chris Gratton to the Philadelphia Flyers trade. Here’s some information about a trade that worked out a little better for the Flyers - the Eric Lindros trade.

Yesterday’s Men’s World Juniors Scores

Switzerland 3, Austria 2

Canada 6, Finland 3

Sweden 4, Germany 2