22 Seaons just aren't enough

Captain Dave, in spite of having not played a game in more than a year, is coming back for not one but two more seasons.

He's hoisted Lord Stanley's Cup, he's tasted the champaign and he's put on the Ring, but there's still fire left... There's still desire there...

With the Lightning already at 36+ Million against the cap, Andreychuk couldn't have taken too much to re-sign -- especially if the Bolts will have more than the current six defensivemen on the squad (Kubina, Sydor, Boyle, Sarich, Pratt and Timo Hebling)... The other possibility is that we will see someone on the roster moved in order to pick up defensiveman #7 (and more), but that's unlikely knowing Jay Feaster loves to have good chemistry in the locker room and does not like to shake up the mix.

20 players is all the Lightning will carry into the season and they have locked up their 20th man in this deal.