43-38 the final... Oh how we wish...

The Lightning have taken 191 shots over the last five games -- an average of 38 for you kids who have flunked math in school... And yet, on average they have scored 2.4 goals a game during that stretch. just under 2 and a half goals?

Tonights game versus the Islanders resulted in 43 shots -- and yet only two goals scored. One was on a penalty shot by Vincent Lecavalier in the 1st period and the 2nd was Martin St. Louis on a one-on-one shorthanded goal. Is it the lack of driving on teh net? Is it the lack of deftness and teamwork to deke out goaltenders? Perhaps it's just bad bounces and bad luck? It's frustrating to watch, none the less.

Hats off to Garth SNow and Sean Burke -- 36 and 38 years old respectively -- for making the game tonight thrillign to watch. Complain about the penaltiies being missed, messed up and just flat out wrong in some situations if you will but the fact of the matter is that Burke (36 shots, 35 saves) and Snow (43 shots, 41 saves) were the ones to watch tonight at Nassau Colessium.