8 Dollar tickets worth the wait.

You get a shot at one (or two) of the 200 tickets sold at 8 dollars each if you get to Times Palace early....

I mean REAL early.

The St. Petersburg Times has a great look at the wait for tickets, starting some 33 hours before gametime.

I've heard some criticism from opposing teams fans about "having" to offer 8 dollar tickets (a scant few at the very top of the arena) There's nothing we "Have" to do by offering these tickets. They offer these tickets for those who can't afford to buy full priced tickets. Especially during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Some say this is a sign that Southern Hockey is weak.. But let me ask you this, if any team north of Tampa offered a scant few 8 dollar tickets to games - would people harp? Or would they more than likely herald the team for offering tickets at a low price for disadvantaged and priced-out fans?

Pro Sports aren't supposed to be only affordable to the rich... And Hockey especially needs to make itself more affordable to students, families and minorities...

A scant few cheap seats that generates a load of PR and team exposure do a damn nice job... Too bad the rest of the league doesn't realize this. (not saying other teams don't offer cheap seats -- but to keep offering them during playoff time is unheard of).